Why Better Edges Make Better Photos

As photographers, it is easy to get caught up on what is in the middle of the frame and ignore what may fall on the edges. But, the edges can actually have a surprising impact on how successful your compositions are, and being more purposeful about that part of the image can really improve your photographs!

What Style of Camera Should New Film Photographers Get?

Film photography has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and there are literally hundreds of used film camera models available to choose from, which can lead to a bit of decision paralysis. So, what kind of film camera is right for you? This great video discusses three different kinds of film cameras, their pros and cons, and which is the right kind for you.

Find Your Why and You Will Find Your Way

During what is likely the most tumultuous global period in our lifetime, it's easy to become jaded, frustrated, and feel as if you have lost your way. The question is, why that happens, how do you pull yourself out of that rut before it does real damage?

How to Handle Harsh Light in Landscape Photography

No doubt, most of us love the soft, warm light afforded by the golden hour, but simply put, a lot of the time, you will head outside with your camera and be greeted with harsh, unforgiving light. That does not mean you should simply pack your camera in and head back inside; in fact, you can make images that are just as great in harsh light, and this awesome video tutorial discusses what to do when you encounter that light.

Zen and the Discipline of Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is not my thing. I use it to exercise the fundamentals and have something to do when I need a break from the family on camping trips, but that's the extent of it for me personally. But I feel for landscape photographers. It's a crowded field in an already crowded profession. It's hard to make your images not look like everyone else's, especially when everyone has access to the same subject matter you do.

An Advanced Multi-Light and V-Flat Lifestyle Photo Setup

Are you feeling comfortable with working with a single light and the basic properties of how light behaves and how to leverage it for your portrait photos? This great video tutorial will show the thought process behind a multi-light lifestyle portrait setup with v-flats to create a clean, natural look suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Where Is the Best Place to Sell Your Photos in 2021?

While most of us are not full-time stock photographers, the idea of selling some of our work online to earn some passive income on the side is quite appealing. That being said, there are literally dozens of places to sell your work, so which is the right choice? This great video takes you through a photographer's earnings on many different sites throughout 2021 so far and discusses his experience.

Simple Lighting Tips for Urban Fitness Portraits

Lighting can make or break a fitness portrait. Our goal is to highlight the form and definition of your subject as well as the movement if the intended photo involves action. In this tutorial, I'm going to walk through a few basic fitness photography lighting techniques.

What Does $25,000 of Canon Lenses Get You?

One of the greatest advancements gear-wise of the last few years has been the proliferation of affordable but high-quality supertelephoto zoom lenses, bringing ultra-long focal lengths and genres like wildlife to many more photographers than before. Nonetheless, at the very top end, supertelephoto prime lenses still sit as the professional equipment of choice, and they command quite high prices — five digits, in fact. So, what does that money get you? This great video review takes a look.

We Review the Haida NanoPro Magnetic ND Filters

Do you like photographing long exposures with an ND filter, but don’t like carrying a large filter holder and square ND filters? In that case, Haida’s NanoPro magnetic filters may be a nice solution.

How a Photographer Works From a Plane

Shooting from a plane is a privilege few of us are lucky enough to experience, and it can yield some incredible images that simply would not be possible otherwise. This neat video goes behind the scenes to show you how a photographer shoots landscape images from a plane and also shows some of the stunning photos he is able to capture.

How to Remove Power Lines From a Photo Using Lightroom

Unlike a lot of Europe, power lines in the United States are almost always above ground, and that can be annoying and ruin what otherwise might be a great shot. Luckily, for the most part, they are not particularly hard to edit out of an image, and this helpful video tutorial will show you how to quickly take care of them using Lightroom.

Seven Skills to Help You Improve Your Photography

Want to improve your images? Here are seven rarely talked-about approaches, not involving the camera settings or composition, that may help you take your photography to the next level.

Photographing Epic Sunrises in the Highlands of Iceland

There are a few places on earth where it is difficult to not be inspired. Iceland is undoubtedly one of them, and it's difficult to resist shooting every minute you are there. In this video, go behind the scenes on a shoot in Iceland's highlands during a colorful sunrise.

We Review the CalDigit Element Hub

The number of devices we need to connect to our computers on a daily basis seems to be never-ending. From SSDs to monitors and graphics tablets, it seems like we never have enough ports. The CalDigit Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub attempts to address this by simply giving us a large number of our most commonly used ports, USB and Thunderbolt, and making sure they all operate at full speed.

Just How Impressive Are Kase Wolverine Filters?

When it comes to landscape photography, the most important accessory in the bag is without a doubt your set of filters. Investing in a good set of filters can vastly improve the quality of your images and make your workflow much more efficient and enjoyable. This awesome video review takes a look at the Kase Wolverine system and why it is so desirable.

How to Use Luminar AI to Enhance a Photo

Luminar AI offers a lot of impressive automated capabilities to allow you to quickly and effectively tackle a wide variety of edits and creative styles. If you are new to the program or wondering what it is capable of, check out this awesome video tutorial that will show you how to enhance an image using Luminar AI.

Fstoppers Reviews the Panasonic Lumix S5 Mirrorless Camera

Everyone is talking about the Canon, Sony, and Nikon full frame mirrorless cameras. But there is another brand that isn’t getting a lot of attention: Panasonic. It released the Lumix S5 last year and now I got a chance to review this camera.

How Does an M1 Mac Compare to a PC for Photo and Video Work?

Apple's M1 Macs caught the attention of a lot of the industry, and while they blew old Intel Macs out of the water, PCs are still around too, of course. So, how do M1 Macs hold up against PCs for photo and video work? This great video comparison takes a look.

How Boredom Can Spark Creative Ideas

There are few more frustrating feelings than boredom, particularly if you need to be creative for a living. However, if you can harness that and make it work for you, boredom can be the catalyst for outlandish creativity you might not have otherwise thought of.

A Quest for the Dark Side and Better Astrophotography

One of the Holy Grail quests for astrophotographers is the search for dark skies. Few of us are fortunate enough to live in ideal dark skies, but most of us are mobile enough to get to somewhere better than the center of an urban area.

Will Sony Ever Take the Number One Spot From Canon?

Canon has held its number one position within the photography industry for more than 30 years. During this time, the industry has experienced what could be described as a duopoly. With Nikon holding its number two position for much of this time, innovation may have suffered. This has changed since Sony developed its first full frame mirrorless camera.

Introducing the 10 Minute Photography Rule

There are a lot of "rules" in photography, but the best ones are self-imposed that have the sole purpose of improving how you work with a camera in your hand. This rule is new to me, and it's definitely going to get used next time I'm out with my camera.

The Ethics of Street Photography

Street photography is one of the most popular genres of photography, both for professional and amateur photographers. Done well, it can produce art that not only tells a story about a particular moment in time but also provides us with a window onto the human condition. Questions have been asked, however, about the ethics of street photography, and whether photographers ought to be doing it at all.

Do You Want To Know How Lindsay Adler Created This 70s Glam Fashion Portrait?

Finding inspiration for your next shoot can be difficult, but going for a vintage vibe can offer so many avenues with all the various eras to choose from. While it's nice to see Gen Z embracing the 90s, we don't often see much love for the 70s in popular media these days, but thankfully this world-famous fashion photographer found just the right props at bargain prices to produce something magical.