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NFL Cameraman Takes Ball to the Head, Still Gets His Shot

People who work on the field and sidelines of NFL games are often in harm's way from players crashing around and off the field during plays, but occasionally, it is a flying ball that causes trouble. One veteran cameraman showed off his toughness recently when a Nick Folk field goal came down directly on his head.

Add This 'Frankenstein Lens' to Your Camera Bag

Once in a while a lens comes along that makes you want to reach for your wallet without hesitation. While this 35mm "Franken-lens" may need some additional steps to get it to work, the results are rather breathtaking.

5 Poses of a Wedding Couple That You Should Never Miss

Whatever your style of wedding photography, be it classic, reportage, or leaning towards fine art, here are five poses from the bride and groom that will give you a solid foundation from which to work. This short video runs you through the list and offers some tips on how to achieve them.

7 Tips to Help You Take Better Drone Photos

Drones are more convenient and powerful than ever, and they can be a really fun way to find a new perspective and invigorate your creativity. If you are new to flying cameras and wondering how you can get better photos, this helpful video tutorial will give you seven tips to start you on your way.

When Is Your Photography Just Wrong?

Opinions matter to most people, but when the opinion of another photographer goes against or deviates from what the original photographer intended for that image, does that that make the image wrong?

How to Balance Color Tones With the Blue and Orange Look

There are many staple looks in cinematography and they are popular for good reason. One is the classic blue or teal and orange, and while it's easy to execute in theory, striking the right balance can be tricky. In this video, go behind the scenes of a video shoot to learn how they balanced everything out.

The Canon EOS RP Is a Bargain Right Now

If you’re pondering your first full frame camera or need a backup body that will handle all of your Canon glass, now's a good time to buy the EOS RP. With holiday deals, it’s now cheaper than ever.

Hands On With the New Nikon Z 9 Mirrorless Camera

The Nikon Z 9 is finally here, and it takes square aim at Canon's and Sony's top cameras, giving Nikon shooters a powerful body suitable for a wide range of professional applications. This great hands-on video takes a look at the new camera and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

Photography Website Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Nowadays, your website is probably the most important tool in your business toolkit, as it is where the vast majority of potential clients will evaluate if your work suits their needs and initiate contact with you. As such, it is crucial that you ensure you do everything you can to create the best possible online experience for your site's visitors, and this great video tutorial will help you ensure that you do.

Here’s How Good the Image Quality Is From the Sony a7 IV

The Sony a7 IV is probably one of the best bang-for-buck cameras on the market right now. With its high-resolution 33-megapixel full frame sensor along with a slew of high-end video features, it fits the needs of professional creatives. If you're thinking about purchasing this camera but want to know how it performs, then this video might be useful to you.

Street Photography Advice That You Should Probably Ignore

Photography can be a minefield when it comes to what warrants good advice and which rules you should follow. Street photography is perhaps one area where certain strong opinions on what’s allowed and what isn’t can sometimes be ignored.

How to Add Motion to Your Fashion Shoots

Fashion photography has created some of the most iconic portraits ever taken and it's a revered genre of the discipline. However, it's easy to fall into static shots, leaning on familiar poses. In this video, Lindsay Adler walks you through her techniques for adding motion to fashion shoots.

3 Important Features Coming in Luminar Neo: Tested

Skylum has been touting their upcoming release of Luminar Neo, an image editor that builds on Luminar AI with some new features that are sure to please fans of the current product and may arouse interest from other photo editors.

5 Weird Things Boudoir Photographers Do

Every genre of photography has quirks that the photographer gradually adopts as normal. This is one boudoir photographer's weird habits and although some of them are specific, there is a lot of crossover with other genres in places.

These Are the Best and Worst Cameras For Video

DSLR cameras with a focus on video don't get enough respect. Often regarded as a less-than-serious tool by professionals, and perhaps too complicated for photographers, they occupy an interesting but important middle-ground for content creators. So which brand is doing this genre right?

A is for Amateurs, P is for Professionals, M is for Masters: Hogwash!

A long time ago, I heard someone utter this bit of nonsense. Depending upon the genre of photography you shoot, there are good arguments for using manual controls and settings. However, there are times when your camera’s automated technologies prove the Luddites wrong, then automation is king.

How to Remove Difficult Objects in Photoshop

Photoshop has some pretty advanced automated tools for removing distracting objects from your photos, and while they can get the job done a lot of the time, sometimes, you are dealing with such a complex and difficult background that you need to take control of things. If that is the case, check out this helpful video tutorial that will show you how to efficiently and convincingly remove such objects.

Free Lightroom and Photoshop Perks You Might Be Missing Out On

Most of us with Creative Cloud subscriptions use them for access to apps like Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro, but you are actually paying for more than you might realize when you select a plan. This helpful video tutorial will show you where to find thousands of free assets that may have been hiding from you in Lightroom and Photoshop.

A Rarely Used Camera Setting That Can Improve Your Landscape Images

Creating a successful landscape photo often takes skills both behind the camera and at the computer, and of course, what you do in the field influences how you handle things once you are ready to process your images. This great video tutorial takes a look at a camera setting many of us never touch and how it can improve your landscape images quickly and easily.

How to Make Money From Your Photography in the Off-Season

Depending on where you live and what you shoot, you might not have a steady flow of clients at all times of the year. People like wedding photographers often have to deal with a period during which business is significantly lower or even stops entirely. That does not mean your income has to completely stop as well, however. This helpful video will give you a few ideas to weather the off-season.

3 Steps to Getting Better Skin Tones Using Photoshop

Skin tones are one of the most crucial parts of a portrait edit. Get them right, and they can elevate the image to another level. Get them wrong, however, and they can sink your image. If you are new to shooting and editing portraits, this helpful video tutorial will show you three steps to get better skin tones in Photoshop.

3 Ways Working For Free Can Be More Empowering Than You Might Realize

It always starts innocently enough: you buy a new camera and start taking photos. Then someone you know asks a favor and you’re all too happy to oblige them with all the photos you can snap. Fast forward just a small amount of time later and you realize, with great sorrow, this phase of freebies doesn’t have an end.

Landscape Photography Mistakes to Avoid!

When we start out as photographers, there are so many rules to follow and so many techniques to be applied. So, where do you start? What rules do you follow and what do you avoid? In his new video, Mads Peter Iversen tells you what to avoid and what considerations to make when framing your sho, capturing the image, and post-processing.

How to Quickly and Effectively Edit Holiday Snaps

While you may concentrate on making art, some of the most important images you will ever take are when you are with family and friends. A common example is when you travel for a holiday and these end up being the photographs your family will look back on for years to come. Here are some tips for quickly improving them with a simple post-production process.

Is Nikon's Z 5 the Affordable Full Frame Mirrorless Camera for You?

There is no doubt that mirrorless is the future, and while all the major manufacturers have been producing some mightily impressive cameras, not all of us need those top-shelf features, nor do we all want to spend money on expensive bodies. Nikon's Z 5 offers photographers full frame mirrorless and some of the latest features and capabilities at an affordable price, and this great video review takes a look at the performance and image quality you can expect from it.

How to Set the Proper Shutter Speed When Photographing Waterfalls

Waterfalls are by far one of the most popular subjects of landscape photographers, as they can add a nice dose of movement to an otherwise static image, making it far more dynamic and compelling. One of the most crucial choices you can make in this situation is your shutter speed, and this excellent video tutorial will give you some helpful tips for picking the right one.