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Camera Gear I Couldn't Live Without

I was cycling to catch my train a few weeks ago and after I had folded the bike and stowed it in the luggage area, was pondering the things in life I couldn't live without. It was much to my surprise that, considering this question, I actually decided it was my bike (Joey). I use it for commuting, for shopping, for leisure; it is with me most days of the week, and without it, the impact on my day-to-day life would be dramatic.

Casey Neistat Parting Ways with CNN, Beme

Casey Nesitat, popular and polarizing YouTube personality and filmmaker, is leaving CNN and Beme, the video sharing app he co-founded with Matt Hackett. CNN acquired Beme in 2016 to great fanfare at a reported price tag of $25 million, envisioning Neistat and his team as the key to expanding their digital news brand. So what happened?

Shooting Silhouette Shots With a Single Light Inside a Studio

Everyone loves a nice silhouette shot. You can create them outdoors during the dusk and dawn hours. But what if you can create such shots inside your studio space with a single light anytime, any day? This video shows you how to get started.

How to Create Long Lasting Relationships With Clients

If you're like me, you will find that before shooting your clients you will feel as nervous as they are, or even more! I have found that there are certain things I can do to relax myself and my clients before, during and after our session, which also helps to create a long lasting relationship and hopefully creates a repeat booking. So, what can you do to make the photographic experience as painless as possible and create a rewarding relationship with your client?

Testing Out Photoshop CC’s New Select Subject Tool

This week, Adobe released an update to Photoshop CC that features a new selection tool capable of automatically selecting the prominent subjects in an image with only one click. This video does an excellent job of revealing exactly what you get with this new technology and how to use it to its full potential.

Taking the Next Step Forward: Working With Modeling Agencies

You’ve reached a point with your work at which shooting friends and family doesn’t quite cut it. Your curiosity to challenge yourself and move forward is piqued, and you have a good sense of established skills that make you think seeking out agency-represented models is your best move. The question is: Where do you go from here and how do you even start?

Capturing Unique Angles in Tight Spaces

Adding interesting angles to your shots is one way to get creative; however, when the camera is in tight spaces, it's not always easy to do so. Nonetheless, there are usually several different ways to achieve that unique shot.

Top 10 WeeklyFstop Photos: Landscape

Shooting landscape photography is not only fun but very therapeutic. The act of planning and capturing, the peace of the surrounding scenery, and the thrill of success all help your overall well-being in a way that makes photography a very effective way to uplift your spirits. For those of us that can't get out to some of these locations, looking at beautiful photos of them is also very soothing. I hope this week's list can relieve some stress for you. And be sure to check out next week's theme because I'm positive you'll love it.

NiSi Pro 1.5-5 ND-VARIO Filter: The Best Filter for Video?

When it comes to filming, using a fast shutter speed is generally a bad idea. For most applications, you'll probably want to keep your shutter speed somewhere around 1/60 of a second, maybe even slower, depending of course on what frame rate your shooting at. The reason for this is because it allows for more smoother and cinematic looking footage which isn't choppy or harsh looking. Faster shutters speeds generally can be a little jarring to look at. The problem with this is that to compensate for this slower shutter speed you may need to stop your lens down. This, in turn, prevents you from getting that shallow depth of field, especially when filming outdoors.

Can You Tell The Difference Between $10,000 and $425 Photography Lighting?

The lust for better photo gear is something every photographer struggles with. In our photography industry, many people swear by the quality of light of this brand verses that brand, but in the end isn't light just light? In this video I create a classic beauty lighting setup with $10,000 worth of lighting equipment and then replicate that same setup with only $425 worth of lighting equipment. Will they look the same? This is the Rich Photographer vs Poor Photographer lighting test.

Tune Up Your Vlog With Five Easy Hacks for In-Camera Transitions

Wrapping up the shooting for your latest vlog is always a satisfying feeling but, of course, the work has only just begun. Cutting, editing, adding sound, text; the list of finishing touches for your vlog goes on. One way to speed up that workflow is to accomplish as much of the work as possible in camera, reducing your workload once you've uploaded your content to your computer. Daniel DeArco has put together a vlog showing off some really easy and effective transitions that will take your vlog from static to dynamic with minimal extra effort.

Dealing With Doubt and Deeper Questions When Pursuing Photography

At one point or another, we all end up questioning our decisions to pursue a creative career over more “traditional” options. If you've never questioned yourself along the way, then congratulations, you're an outlier. It's far too common that we find ourselves creating stress when dealing with self-doubt. Whether you're just beginning to think about a creative career, you're just starting out, or you've been at this for decades, this video might be able to offer some perspective on addressing some of the tough questions that we ask ourselves.

DJI Tello, Spark, Mavic Air, or Mavic Pro: What Are the Differences and Which Drone Should You Pick?

In less than a year, DJI released four entry-level drones, from the cheap Tello to the more advanced Mavic Platinum. The mid-range segment is now occupied by the Spark and the newly announced Mavic Air. In some aspects, the latest DJI drone outperforms the pricier models, which can be confusing. Is the Mavic Air better than the Mavic Pro? Which one should you buy and why? The answer: it depends of your needs. Up next, we provide a complete comparison to help you navigate through the main differences of each drone, including their strengths and weaknesses.

Your Content Will Continue to Fall Flat Unless You Become a Better Interviewer

If you’re a videographer that runs your own business, you know that you have to be a jack of all trades. You know that your skills can’t be limited to just creating great images. You need to be good with business, networking, and a whole lot more. What you might not realize is that for the vast majority of self-made videographers, you’ll need to be good at conducting interviews.

Feel Your Photography

Sure, I dig gear reviews, image processing tutorials, and seeing what others are doing with photography just as much as the next person, but today I want to talk about something a little less tangible yet possibly the most important thing when it comes to landscape photography: how does the location feel?

Three Ways to Nail Focus While Shooting at f/1.4

Shooting portraits with beautiful, creamy backgrounds is a very popular look right now. Using the right gear, you can achieve this look in camera, but one common question that arises from shooting wide open is how do you get perfect focus?

What Sexual Harassment Looks Like for Freelance Photographers, and What You Can Do

Sexual harassment is headlining news stories across the country in industries where harassers can be held responsible for their actions. Whether by human resources departments or by the court of public opinion, harassers in these circumstances have consequences to deal with. But what do creative freelance professionals, like photographers, do about sexual harassment on the job when they have no HR department to turn to?

New York State Police Unmanned Aerial System

The announcement of the unmanned aerial program by New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo states that drones will be used to support law enforcement on disaster response and traffic safety. This aerial program will be used to assist law enforcement and become more cost effective over police helicopters and planes.

Popular Rock Musician Tries Novel Method to Get Rid of Phones at Shows

Camera phones are cool and all, but I'll still never understand the need to take terrible videos (with terrible audio) of live concerts while blocking the view of people around you. One musician has a new approach to stopping them from appearing at concerts.

How Color Theory Improves Your Photography and Retouching

The wrong elements of color can disrupt the harmony of photographs and distract the viewer from the story you’re trying to tell. When we’re deliberate though, we can use color theory while planning the components of our photos and use color grading to allow us to create compelling images that add emotion to help us create a story. Dynamic images are created through complementary colors that develop harmony in wardrobe and location, lighting, and mood. Fortunately, there are numerous resources to understanding and implementing color.

How to Create the Droste Effect in Photoshop

Have you seen those recursive photos where the image seems to continue in an endless loop, mostly commonly found where the subject is holding a frame or photos and inside that areas is the same photo appears in itself repeatedly? This is known as the Droste effect, and it might be a lot simpler to achieve than you thought.

Fstoppers Reviews the WiMiUS L1 4K Action Camera

The WiMiUS L1 4K action cam is a competitively priced budget alternative to a market that has quickly become saturated with tiny cameras from a huge variety of companies looking to stake their claim in the action sports market. On the surface, the WiMiUS L1 boasts what appears to be an impressive value, so Fstoppers put it through the grinder to see if it is truly a considerable contender in the action camera market.

The 13-Year-Old Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer

Since age seven, Josiah Launstein has been developing his photographic skill and style. Perhaps good parenting resulted in this child prodigy's success — it certainly helps to have a father who is a photographer — or maybe it was luck that led him to find what he's passionate about at an early age. Either way, this young Alberta native proves the saying, "age is just a number," to be true.

Why You Need to Be Using Facebook Messenger as a Professional Photographer

I remember when Facebook introduced their messenger service and how I mentally groaned at the idea of yet another way I’d have to keep up with correspondence. Heck, at times I even threw on my tinfoil hat and thought for sure that Facebook was spying on me through their messenger service. But, once I regained my composure and gave it a chance, I learned what many already knew: Facebook Messenger is quickly becoming the new email newsletter.

Getting Value Out of Your Old Gear: How to Sell and Buy So You Don’t Lose

With the number of times I’ve switched from Canon to Nikon and back again, you’d think I have a case of G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome). You’d also probably think I took a bath financially each time I did it, but that’s not the case. With some clever shopping and some careful selling, I was able to keep my losses to a minimum and in some cases, actually made money on gear that increased in value. Here are a few tips to make sure that you don’t take a huge financial hit when buying and selling your gear.

To Be a Better Photographer, It's Sometimes Best to Not Take a Picture

When you drag all your photography gear to a location, do you ever feel a certain pressure to come away with a shot? Certainly, we all want the time and effort we put into each shoot to pay off, but sometimes, it's detrimental to try to force a shot that isn't there.