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How to Create the Droste Effect in Photoshop

Have you seen those recursive photos where the image seems to continue in an endless loop, mostly commonly found where the subject is holding a frame or photos and inside that areas is the same photo appears in itself repeatedly? This is known as the Droste effect, and it might be a lot simpler to achieve than you thought.

Fstoppers Reviews the WiMiUS L1 4K Action Camera

The WiMiUS L1 4K action cam is a competitively priced budget alternative to a market that has quickly become saturated with tiny cameras from a huge variety of companies looking to stake their claim in the action sports market. On the surface, the WiMiUS L1 boasts what appears to be an impressive value, so Fstoppers put it through the grinder to see if it is truly a considerable contender in the action camera market.

The 13-Year-Old Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer

Since age seven, Josiah Launstein has been developing his photographic skill and style. Perhaps good parenting resulted in this child prodigy's success — it certainly helps to have a father who is a photographer — or maybe it was luck that led him to find what he's passionate about at an early age. Either way, this young Alberta native proves the saying, "age is just a number," to be true.

Why You Need to Be Using Facebook Messenger as a Professional Photographer

I remember when Facebook introduced their messenger service and how I mentally groaned at the idea of yet another way I’d have to keep up with correspondence. Heck, at times I even threw on my tinfoil hat and thought for sure that Facebook was spying on me through their messenger service. But, once I regained my composure and gave it a chance, I learned what many already knew: Facebook Messenger is quickly becoming the new email newsletter.

Getting Value Out of Your Old Gear: How to Sell and Buy So You Don’t Lose

With the number of times I’ve switched from Canon to Nikon and back again, you’d think I have a case of G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome). You’d also probably think I took a bath financially each time I did it, but that’s not the case. With some clever shopping and some careful selling, I was able to keep my losses to a minimum and in some cases, actually made money on gear that increased in value. Here are a few tips to make sure that you don’t take a huge financial hit when buying and selling your gear.

To Be a Better Photographer, It's Sometimes Best to Not Take a Picture

When you drag all your photography gear to a location, do you ever feel a certain pressure to come away with a shot? Certainly, we all want the time and effort we put into each shoot to pay off, but sometimes, it's detrimental to try to force a shot that isn't there.

Owner of Viral ‘Grumpy Cat’ Wins $700,000 in Lawsuit

Grumpy Cat has become somewhat of a household name thanks to his immortalization in the world of memes, and the subsequent virality. The animal’s popularity become a lucrative business for its owner, who is said to have made profits into the millions. She has now won a bitter legal battle stemming from 2015, after a beverage company used Grumpy Cat’s name and image for an unlicensed range.

Framed Features Natalie Lennard for Her Birth: Undisturbed Series

British fine-art photographer Natalie Lennard, also known as Miss Aniela, was recently interviewed by Framed as part of her Birth: Undocumented fine art series. Lennard, who first gained notoriety on Deviant Art for her unique self-portraits, and later rose to prominence as a conceptual fantasy photographer, has thrown all the skill she's built over the years into her latest personal project celebrating the miracle of birth.

My iPad and Me: Making Lemons Into Lemonade

In the grand tradition of turning lemons into lemonade, I thought I would share with you a quick story about how a less than desirable situation for me this weekend turned into a chance to improve my business and my approach.

Adventure Filmmaking: The Worst Job That You've Always Wanted

I've wanted to be a content creator for documentaries, a la National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, since I was little. But then again, who hasn’t? I taught myself photography throughout college while studying biology and anthropology in hopes of, someday, finding myself in the situation to put all of that together as some sort of adventure photographer. I’ve been lucky enough to do a little of that type of work already, but nothing compared to these guys. In this series from The Crew, you can go behind the scenes with a crew that travels to some of the riskiest and most beautiful parts of the world just to create beautiful footage for you to enjoy.

Is the Nikon 50mm f/1.2 Nikkor Lens Better Than the f/1.4 Lens?

If there is one thing photographers are obsessed with it is lens bokeh. Even if you shoot landscapes or interiors at f/22, your mouth will surely drop the second someone pulls out a fast f/1.2 lens from their bag. One of the most sought after ultra-fast primes in the Nikon lineup is their manual focus 50mm f/1.2 lens. Can this 35-year-old design compete or even beat Nikon's newest 50mm f/1.4 lens in a studio setting? Today we find out.

Six Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Photography Career

All the talent in the world doesn't mean a thing if you undercut yourself with bad habits that can damage your career. This great video explores six bad habits that can cut a career short and how to turn them around to increase your chances of success.

Get A Grip: A Product Photographer's Guide To Using A-Clamps

When it comes to studio product photography, we use a lot of tools in the studio. Sure, there’s the obvious: cameras, lenses, and lights. But today I want to talk about one of those little indispensable tools that can really make all the difference on set. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the years of working in a studio environment, it’s that you can never have enough clamps! There’s always something that you need to hold in place, or simply rig.

Using ACDSee Pro for iOS and Mobile Sync to Edit and Manage Photos

In a market saturated with mobile editing apps, ACD System's combo of ACDSee Pro and Mobile Sync for iOS stands out as one of the best options for editing your photos on the go with features ranging from quirky filters to advanced editing functionality that can provide professional results. In this article, we will be taking a look at how you can leverage ACDSee's mobile tools as part of your editing workflow.

Luxury Real Estate Photographer Shares Success Story

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with a photographer I follow who shared his wonderful story with me about how he got where he is today. A lot of us have been told we take great photos somewhere along the way and dreamed of making a living off simply taking good photos. This doesn't really happen in the real world since you actually need a niche of some sort. If you happen to live by some of the most amazing houses in the world, luxury real estate is one of those niches that can make the dream a reality.

One of the Funniest AI Photos Fails We've Ever Seen

Technology is getting really smart, so much so that it often intuits what we want before we even tell it. Such is the case with Google Photos, which will do things like create panoramas out of images it detects were taken near each other. Sometimes, the AI isn't as smart as it needs to be, however, and you end up with hilarious results.

Manual Focus Lenses for Video: Which Work Best for You and Why?

I love manual focus lenses, mostly because of the tactile grip on the lens and the clicks of the aperture that envelops you thinking about its mechanics and what it's doing for you to get the shot you want. I've mostly used an old Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens which is similar to an 85mm on my X-T20. It's great for portraits. I've always thought that you'd need some super skill to shoot video with manual lenses until you realize most videographers and filmmakers worth their salt shoot with no focus assistance and they do it manually. In this video, Brandon Li takes us through the manual focus lenses he uses and why.

Creating a Photoshoot on a Budget

Juhamatti Vahdersalo gives us another glimpse in to how he creates scenes in one of his latest projects “Too Much is Never Enough.” With studios potentially spending thousands of dollars to bring sets alive, Vahdersalo walks us through how this setup cost a mere $75. If you don’t remember, we featured his creations in November when he showed everyone what cardboard and a little imagination can do.

Fstoppers' First Hands-On Look at the DJI Mavic Air

Today, Fstoppers was at the DJI Event in NYC where they announced the Mavic Air. After learning about this drone and seeing examples of photo and video it had produced, I knew that I had to get my hands on one of them to try out. As a current owner of a Mavic Pro, there is no doubt that I questioned whether or not I should get one of these drones. So I went and flew them around a bit and got a little taste of what's to come.

How to Get Inspired as a Photographer

Being an artist isn't easy, especially when the world is against our way of life and creation. The artist life is discouraging for sure, and every once in a while I still have days where I just want to lay in bed. I have learned that you can't let yourself have many of these days if you want to be great, there's always someone else who's pushing through it. Whether you're a professional or just a hobbyist, being uninspired sucks. Luckily there are so many things you can do to beat the gloom and keep on creating.

iPhone Vs. Pro Camera Challenge

Patrick and I decided to create a video series where we compete to see who can come up with the best image based on a set of randomly chosen rules. This week, one of us got to use an iPhone and the other had the entire studio at their disposal.

RED Hydrogen One: Details and Specs Emerge Surrounding RED's Holographic Smartphone

The RED Hydrogen One smartphone was announced last summer, but details about a release date and more solid specifications are finally emerging thanks to a post by RED Founder and CEO Jim Jannard. The Android-run smartphone will operate with a Snapdragon 835x processor (as what is currently in the Samsung Galaxy S8) and will feature a massive 4,500 mAh battery (125 percent the battery capacity of the similarly sized Galaxy S8+). But there's much more than just a big battery in RED's 5.7-inch smartphone.

Five Issues With Sony Cameras

No matter your camera brand of choice, there are always some details that will still bug you. Max Yuryev loves his Sony cameras for work, but he’s got a bone to pick with these five video-related issues.

How to Retouch Newborn Photography in Photoshop

If you’ve ever wondered how photographers can create such dreamy images of newborns, this is the perfect tutorial to watch. Newborn photography is an art that can require a great deal of patience and creativity. The post-processing workflow is no different. There are several steps to take when editing a newborn photo well and this tutorial does a great job of explaining them all.

Nikon Tops Holiday Sales in Full-Frame Interchangeable-Lens Camera Category

With all the news about Canon's ever-steady lead in general camera sales, it might be surprising to find that Nikon sold more full-frame, interchangeable-lens cameras than any other manufacturer December 2017. Of course, this is helped greatly by the success of the still-hard-to-find Nikon D850. But Nikon credits one other camera for its continued success.