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Stunning Time-Lapse of SpaceX Falcon9 Rocket Launch

When a glowing contrail appeared in the sky on the evening of Friday, December 22, people took to the streets, and to Twitter, to figure out what was going on. Was it a nuclear bomb? Aliens? Some secret government project? The spectacular sight was actually the SpaceX rocket launch, and Photographer Jesse Watson was prepared for the event with his cameras rolling.

Fine Art Landscape Photography (Part 3): The Introvert Mind Featuring Simon Baxter

We’ve had our first snowfall of the year here in the Netherlands. It’s one of those instances when most people stay indoors, while just about every landscape photographer is aching to feel the snow on their face. One of them is acclaimed British Landscape Photographer Simon Baxter, who I've asked to help me analyze the introvert mind.

Avoid Photography-Related Injury With This One Simple Tip

Throughout the course of long, mentally intensive days covering events from behind a camera, likely the last thing on your mind is maintaining good balanced posture or equal weight distribution. String multiple days like this together in a short period of time and you are unknowingly causing long-term havoc onto your body, especially as this repeats and builds over longer periods.

Twenty Helpful Tips for More Professional Drone Footage

Drones can enable you to get some pretty epic footage that you wouldn't dream of with a normal camera, but they also require an entirely separate skill set as well as a different way of visualizing your shots. This helpful video will give you 20 tips for creating more professional-looking drone footage.

Fstoppers Exclusive: Santa Is Switching to Drone Delivery

Amazon is not the only company planning on using drones for shipping. Following the trend, Santa Claus enrolled the professional drone pilots from Team BlackSheep to expedite the massive gift delivery operation. Here is an inside look at the Christmas mission operated directly from Finland.

How Many Megapixels Do You Need?

How many pixels do you need in an image? Sounds a simple enough question and the inexorable megapixel race doesn't seem to have ended, in much the same way that the PC processor race marched on unabated for several decades.

The Kickstarter Plague: Why You Should Stop Paying for Crowdfunded Photography Gear

In theory, crowdfunding seems like one of the beautiful perks of the Internet: any entrepreneur with an idea and the will to bring it to fruition can receive the financial support of interested patrons from all around the world, and in return, those patrons get early and/or discounted access to an exciting new product. The reality is rarely so rosy, and as a consumer, you need to be aware of that.

The Perfect Gift Guide for DIY Photographers

Have you ever had to buy presents for a friend or family member that likes photography, or thinks of you as the photographer in the group who will know best what will make their selfies and cat pictures that much better? Here is a quick guide from James Popsys on what to get them if you don't want to spend that much money.

Putting Boredom Into a Photography Project

Personal photography projects generally are meant to pull the photographer out of a creative rut or to work on a piece that draws the artist away from the boredom that can occur from shooting the same work over and over. For Sophie Palmier it was about shooting boredom itself in a new way.

Wireless 1080p Video: Fstoppers Reviews the Nyrius Aries Pro HDMI Transmitter and Receiver

Life as a photographer or videographer means cords — lots and lots of cords. Personally, I hate them, mostly because I'm a klutz and will invariably wrap myself in them and take down the entire set in one fell swoop. I've done my best to minimize wires in my life, but one area that's remained stubbornly dependent on physical connections is broadcasting anything on my television. The Nyrius Aries Pro seeks to change that with its 1080p wireless HDMI system, and the results are quite good.

Homeland Security Lists Ad for Photographer Role Paying $100,000 Salary

The Department of Homeland Security have listed an ad searching for a photographer for its secretary. Listed on a post to the government’s official employment website USAJOBS, the role is a for a full-time photographer, and sits in the pay scale and grade GS 12. The salary range is between $79,720 to $103,639, and also includes government benefits.

Is There Value in Taking a Photo That Has Already Been Shot Many Times?

One of the curses of modern photography is that nearly every breathtaking place on Earth has been photographed. And while many, many places continue to offer new angles, conditions, and compositions, some of the most famous have been so well documented that it can be tough (if not impossible) to create something truly original. This video explores the idea of photographing in such locations.

Delivering Images and Video for Non-Calibrated Screens

You've probably seen thousands of articles on screen calibration and you may strive to deliver perfect images and videos. Unfortunately, in the end, your client views them on their non-calibrated way-too-blue or way-too-orange screens. Sometimes they say "looks good to me." Other times the response may be "it's too dark," or "it's too blue." They may even edit your photos to make them look "better." How do you handle these situations and is it really critical for you calibrate your monitors?

iPhone X Travel Test: The True Capability of a Phone on a Roadtrip

The iPhone seems to have become much more than a phone in the past few years. It is highly recognized for its sleek, simple design and its camera. During the past year alone, I have found myself using the iPhone's camera more and more for so many different things. In this video, four guys take the iPhone X and test out a bunch of different Moment products on it as they set out on a little venture to the Pacific Northwest.

Photography Educator David duChemin Thinks You Should Consider Being Unrealistic

The incredibly prolific David duChemin has managed to squeeze out some more great philosophical and metaphorical nuggets in the latest video of his "Vision is Better" series. Full of his usual optimism and encouragement, he verbally judo-rolls his way through the walls of failure and fear, to prepare you to finally start that large format pet photography business you've been thinking about. Speaking of pets, two words really stand out in this video: Pet. Rock. Greater words of encouragement you will never hear.

Get Free Unlimited Google Drive Storage

By now, you should already know the importance of backing up your data, and while storage (even cloud storage) isn't all that expensive these days it's still an expense. So here is my holiday gift to you: unlimited Google Drive storage for free. See for yourself if you qualify.

Utilizing Instagram's New Stories Highlights Feature

Instagram has rolled out the Stories Highlights feature and it's definitely a good thing for photographers. The lack of hyperlinking ability within the platform by way of only being allowed one profile link is very limiting for specific marketing. If you have less than 10,000 followers then you do not have access to the swipe up feature on stories which can be a tremendous aid in marketing a certain promo. Instagram Stories Highlights is a step in the right direction for us.

Do You Prefer a Prime or Zoom Lens for Portraiture?

Traditional advice says that prime lenses are best for portraiture for many reasons, particularly a wider aperture and better sharpness. Nonetheless, modern zoom lenses can offer very high image quality coupled with increased flexibility, and that can cause some photographers to reach for them before a prime lens when doing portrait work. This video explores one photographer's experience with both.

Avoiding Clichés in Landscape Photography

Every genre of photography has its share of clichés, and while that doesn't necessarily mean you should never shoot certain images, it can restrain your creativity by never forcing you to think outside the box and create a shot more representative of who you are as a photographer. This great video examines recognizing and avoiding clichés in landscape photography.

Camera Predictions for 2018

2018 is coming up fast and Tony Northrup has uploaded his latest video with his camera predictions. Although predictions can very often be wrong, it doesn't stop us from trying. On occasions, many of us, including myself, tend to make predictions based on what we hope to see in the future.

AmazonTube, YouTube's Nemesis, Might Become Reality

I regularly view vlogs and how-to videos on YouTube. It's a vital resource for any photographer or videographer, and we all know that it's been a compliment to our businesses in the visual arts industries. I've noted that the vloggers don't just monetize their YouTube channels with the ads that are displayed before the video starts. No, they use affiliate links to all the gear they used to make the video in the description below the video on YouTube. What will it mean for us if Amazon starts their own video platform like YouTube?

The Best Tripod That I've Ever Owned

We all make mistakes when it comes to purchases we make when we're first starting out. As we continue to grow and evolve we continue to make mistakes. Hopefully, our mistakes aren't too financially costly like a camera body or lens that we don't need and never use. When I first bought my camera a couple years ago, I picked up an ultra cheap twenty dollar tripod because the store has one and I thought I would definitely need it. That was a mistake and that tripod was pretty much a piece of junk. I have since rectified that mistake and have found my personal favorite and best tripod I've ever owned.