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From Photographer to Videographer: Using Adobe's Motion Graphics Templates

We’ve noticed the trend. Video is becoming the way most people communicate online these days. How can you as photographer use video as a tool to influence the personal brand you are constantly building, and how can you expand your product offering to clients? There are various types of videos you can focus on to produce, and the aim should be to make videos that you would like to make for a client. Therefore, it needs to be professional, and something clients might actually use as their marketing and advertising materials.

Make the Photo You Dream of With Preparation and Patience

Growing up along the coast, I became accustomed to beautiful views of the ocean and, of course, lighthouses are an important part of the New England scenery. One lighthouse, in particular, has long been a favorite subject of mine to shoot. I've spent many days and nights shooting the 67-foot-high structure and its surrounding area, and I always envisioned creating the classic image of a massive moon as it rises behind an interesting foreground structure — in this case, the Point Judith Lighthouse on the southern tip of Rhode Island.

Top 10 WeeklyFstops: Toys

The theme "toys" this week on the WeeklyFstop was a playful one. You may not think of it when you grab your camera, but adding a toy to a shot is a quick easy way to practice camera technique and composition. It is also a fun way to engage your kids and encourage them to help set up some scenes to photograph. Our readers put together another brilliant showing you have to check out.

What a Lifelong Photographer Has to Say About What Makes a True Photographer

The vast proliferation of cameraphones and even the digital age itself have created an explosion in the sheer number of pictures taken and shared with the world, and for many, that has blurred the line of where snapshots end and photography begins. This interesting video segment features one photographer as he gives his opinion on what a photographer is in the age of inescapable and omnipresent images.

Five Reasons to Use Smart Objects in Photoshop

If you're new to Photoshop, Smart Objects can seem a bit foreign, but they're extremely helpful when you're doing certain kinds of work. This informative video will show you five reasons to consider using them when you're working in Photoshop.

A Quick Tutorial on a Better Way to Brighten Portraits in Photoshop

When you're shooting portraiture, particularly outside without artificial lighting, you'll often need to brighten your subject a bit in post. This can create a few issues, but this helpful video will show you how to obviate those potential problems and create a higher-quality result.

Blurred Lines Between Science and Art in Photography

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between a technically accurate photograph and one that has been modified, enhanced, composited (you pick the word) in order to give it a broader audience appeal. Nature is both stunning and surprising in its raw magnificence which begs the question: why should we mess with it at all in photographs?

Female Fashion Photographers on Sexism: One Lost a Job for Being Overweight

To be a successful photographer, you don't have to be physically stronger, faster, or tougher. It's not like pro sports where it's normal for the number of men to overpower women. So why are women still facing so much systematic sexism and harassment in the photography industry?

Four Things You Can Do Over the Holidays for the Good of Your Photography

Procrastination is often the name of the game when it comes to aspects of maintaining our photography. Finding time and motivation to do fun shoots should be pretty easy throughout the year, but maintenance tends to be pushed to the back burner. The holidays season can be a great time to revisit some activities that can be a huge benefit to your photography but are often things left forgotten for far too long.

Canon's Rumored 6K Cinema Camera: Is Canon the Right Brand for Cinema?

There aren’t many brands that have been so thoroughly lambasted over the past few years as Canon, and for good reason. Despite their reputation as a manufacturer of durable, functional camera tools, they are notoriously tight fisted with their technology. But what has looked like antiquated engineering is starting to look more like a calculated long-term strategy to play the field as it lays. With rumors emerging about a new 6K cinema camera to rival Sony’s Venice, Canon looks like it might be ready to play a new game.

Fstoppers Reviews and Compares Kodak's Printomatic With Other Instant Cameras

Film photography is back, and one of the biggest pushes of the analog format comes from the especially and newly resilient surge of the instant photograph. Impossible Project is now the new Polaroid (literally), Fujifilm has found success with the Instax format, and Kodak is pushing right along with its Printomatic. How does this option compare with the former two? We have a hands-on review of the Printomatic right here.

Fstoppers Reviews the Olympus OM-D EM10 Mark III: One of the Most Capable Beginner Cameras

In 2008, Olympus created a camera system in which lenses and camera bodies could be shared between brands and manufactures under what they called the Micro Four Thirds (M43) standard. The system based on the sensor size, a quarter of full frame, is easily one of my favorite to use and wildly underrated. Olympus has released an update to the iconic family with the entry-level OM-D EM10 Mark III that now packs a serious punch for those professional photographers and consumers alike wanting 5-axis stabilization, 121 focus points, and 4K video. They are on the hunt to innovate across the line and it begins with their latest at the beginner level.

Four Tips for the First-Time Sports Photographer

So your kid just started playing pee-wee football, or maybe you are a portrait photographer who just landed a sports gig. Maybe you’re shooting your first assignment for the college newspaper. In any case, while sports photography isn’t for the faint of heart, here are four technical tips to get you started on the right path.

Pratik Naik's Color Workflow via Capture One

With the effortless launch of Capture One 11, it only made sense to go back and share a hidden gem of a seminar that helped me greatly with color editing. Capture One's cutting-edge color editing ability, now combined with the newfound layer and opacity capability breathe a new sense of life into a process that can sometimes feel overwhelming and daunting.

What Are Your 2018 Photography Goals?

One of the best steps you can take for yourself and your photography business is setting goals. Being intentional about setting time aside to write out all of your goals can be one of the most powerful business strategies for the upcoming year. Not only does goal-setting help to solidify where you’d like to see yourself and your photography in the future, it also helps to create a clear-cut business plan for the year ahead. If you’re feeling lost or aimless within your photography business, you may want to give goal-setting a try.

A Close Look at Planning a Meaningful Portrait Series

Portraits are such a special and intimate thing: they offer both a representation of the subject and a window into who they are, which is why it's so important as the photographer to give the utmost consideration to how we portray those two things. This wonderful video examines just that topic, connecting it to practical advice as well.

Tips for Better 'Getting Ready' Shots in Wedding Photography 

"Getting ready" is one of the most important sessions in a wedding because it kickstarts the celebrating mood of the ceremony. This post takes a dig into a few tips that would help you get better getting ready shots on the spot.

How a Rough Screening and Editing Saved 'Star Wars: A New Hope'

Editing is crucial. Whether it be editing the maternity shoot you just shot in a field, or the classic “Star Wars” films (no, I haven't seen “The Last Jedi,” no spoilers please), it can make or break your project. RocketJump breaks down the differences between the first and final screenings of "Star Wars: A New Hope."

File Formats for Photographers in Lightroom and Photoshop

Greg Benz, creator of the luminosity masking Photoshop script panel Lumenzia, is one of those experienced photographers who doesn't hesitate to share their technical knowledge with followers. In his latest video, he explains file formats in detail, both for Photoshop and Lightroom.

The Invisible Element That's More Important Than Your Camera Gear

Technicality and equipment aren't all there is to becoming a meaningful photographer. In my own work it's actually the least important part. My favorite words to hear clients say are “wow, you captured the real me.” The following are tips to get these reactions out of your subjects. They have nothing to do with your gear, but will guide you to capturing your subjects the way they are when they're completely comfortable, instead of the nervous and self-conscious forms of themselves.

'Photograph the Unobvious': A Look at How to Create Unique Images as a Photographer

Photography, like any art form, is chock full of tropes. And that's not necessarily a bad thing: they provide a sort of guided path to creating solid imagery. But at the same time, getting stuck in them can make it harder to establish your own creative voice. This great video essay examines exactly that topic and why it's important to develop your own style.

Five Tips for Better and More Creative Edits in Lightroom

People often think of Lightroom as the place where cataloging and basic editing takes place with Photoshop doing the heavy lifting. And while it's true that Photoshop is the more powerful editor, you can accomplish quite a bit using just Lightroom. This helpful video will show you five ways to edit more creatively using Lightroom.

Help-Portrait’s Non-Profit Dissolves, But Movement Lives On

If you haven’t heard of the Help-Portrait movement, the idea is pretty simple: photographers and other volunteers get together and donate time and resources to provide portraits to those who can’t afford them. Its founder, Jeremy Cowart just announced that the non-profit organization that runs Help-Portrait is dissolving, but he wants the movement to live on.