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Five Easy Street Photography Photos You Can Take on Your Commute

Street photography is a genre of positioning and opportunity, meaning you can often end up going to a specific place and waiting a while for the right shot, something that not all of us have the time to do. This neat video shows you five common shots you can find easily, even on your commute.

Take a Risk to Live Your Photographic Dream

As the year draws to a close, I'd like to share a personal story of my own journey. While everyone's story is different, I hope that you are able to find some lessons in both my wins and losses that will help you to push forward and make the coming year even better than the last.

A Beginner's Guide to Why You Should Shoot in Raw

If you're new to photography, you've likely heard other photographers talking about shooting in raw and how it's a crucial step in one's workflow. This helpful video will give you a quick rundown of what raw is and why you should be shooting in it to maximize your image quality.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone With a Long Lens

As someone who shoots 90 percent of my professional work with wide lenses, it seems like a daunting tasking to go reaching for a 70-200mm or longer when looking to capture a landscape. Long lenses require a lot more thought in how the compression is going to affect the way the viewer sees the image and its a focal length that the human eye can’t really grasp until you look through the viewfinder. With that being said, learning to use these long focal lengths will go a long way in making us more versatile in our craft. Lucky for us, Thomas Heaton has decided to make a video specifically about this.

Fstoppers Reviews the DBPOWER 620C, a 4K Action Camera for $70

I remember when GoPro first came out with their action cameras and owned that corner of the market for a while. Fast forward a few years, the action cameras have been reduced in size while being able to capture higher resolution photos and videos. Also, several other companies joined the action camera market with their own versions many sharing similar designs that of the GoPro action camera.

Regaining Your Creativity

What do you do when worst-case scenario hits? When even after doing your best to prepare for it, it cripples you, and you feel like you're stuck in a depressive "Groundhog's Day" of going through the motions?

Canon Announces Pro-Level Video Camcorder Trio Without 4K

This month, Canon announced three new options for pro-level and enthusiast videographers. These new camcorders are lightweight and compact. They all offer a 20x optical zoom lens, record full HD 1080p video, and range in price from $999 to $1,899. The lack of 4K capabilities has many consumers wondering who will buy and use these products.

Save $50 on Fstoppers Tutorials for the Holidays

Fstoppers wants to say thank you to all our loyal readers with one final holiday sale as we wrap up 2017. Over the next week, we are offering $50 off a wide variety of our original photography tutorials. Visit the Fstoppers store to take advantage of these savings for your last minute holiday shopping and save by using code "HOLIDAY50" at checkout.

Netflix Personalizes the Images of the Movies You're Browsing

Netflix is using AI to follow viewer habits. The AI then chooses the best image or photograph to present and advertise movies that it thinks you would like. It makes sure the movies put their best foot forward and shows you the best side of it, based on your preferences. If you're an action movie type, it's going to choose photos of the movie that best shows this side of the movie. If you're one for romantic films, it'll show images that portray emotions that you'll experience watching the film.

Wedding Photographers: Ditch Your Gear, the iPhone Is Here

Like any other genre of photography, there are everyday frustrations that one must overcome. For wedding photographers, this is no different. Between Uncle Bobs with their constant ability to somehow always be in the frame or bride or mom-zillas who get amped up over the most minuscule of details, it can make for a long stressful day. Toronto-based Wedding Photographer Barb Simkova, working for Tara McMullen Photography, recently gave herself an additional wedding day challenge: photograph the wedding with nothing more than an iPhone 8 Plus, and the pictures speak for themselves.

Shooting Landscape Images That Tell a Story

Shooting landscape images can be a bit difficult in a certain sense sometimes, as you have no control over your subject or even the lighting, which can make it difficult to know what you want to say with an image and then to say it. This great video examines the topic of telling stories through one's landscape imagery.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Camera

Buying a new camera is exciting! Yes, it's often a work item for most of us, but it's a fun tech toy as well, and getting to play with all the latest features can be awesome. However, it's easy to make mistakes as a buyer, and this great video outlines pitfalls to watch for when you're getting ready to pull out your wallet.

Photo Series Explores the Relationship Between Mothers and Daughters Around the World

Rania Matar moved to the US due to the Lebanese Civil War, pursuing photography after September 11 when she became interested in telling a different story from the Middle East. She grew up surrounded by the civil war in Lebanon, whereas her daughters are being raised in the United States. Despite growing up in a different country at a different time, she noticed a universality in being a young woman. This served as the inspiration behind her new series, featuring portraits of mothers and daughters from different cultures.

Profoto Releases the Air Remote TTL for Fujifilm Cameras

Since TTL and other fancy features have been introduced to strobes, flash manufacturers have had to develop a different remote for each camera brand. Profoto and others have tried their best to offer as much choice as possible, but the Fujifilm compatibility was lagging behind. A few days ago, Broncolor announced their RFS 2.2 for Fuji would arrive before the end of the month, and today its Profoto turns to introduce its Air Remote TTL-F.

Fstoppers Reviews the Rocket Rooster Analog Film Bundle Lightroom Presets Collection

Most people are a fan of the film look, but actually shooting, developing, and scanning it can be a bit more hassle and money than many of us are willing to undertake. The Rocket Rooster Analog Film Bundle gives you Lightroom presets for many popular film stocks as well as a range of local adjustment brushes for avoiding the need to go into Photoshop. Check out our review of the full system here.

A Defense of Rooftop Photography

The unfortunate and widely-reported death last week of 26-year-old rooftopper Wu Yongning led to a lot of discussion regarding rooftop photography, personal responsibility, and the blurred boundaries between urban exploration, parkour, and "exposure porn" - i.e., hanging from the edge of buildings or balancing at incredible heights in order to create photos, videos, and short-lived internet fame.

Capture One 11 In-Depth Review

With the latest release of Capture One 11 following a recent Lucie Technical Award at PhotoPlus Expo, the best color correction software just got even better. Many of the features I have been longing for since adding Capture One to my workflow are now included, making it the ultimate post-production software on the market. Here's an in-depth look at the latest features and how they perform in a real-world workflow.

Lindsay Adler wields a lightsaber

For as long as I can remember, there has been a tension between photographers and videographers at events. Why, why I say, can't we all just get along? Watch as an angry mob of photographers go to war against a small group of brave videographers in an epic battle for the ages. The grossly outnumbered videographers face off against the likes of Sal Cincotta, Lindsay Adler, Chuck Arlund, and more during a workshop in Tucson, Arizona.

The Story of a Secretly Legally Blind Person Who Went on to Become a Top Photographer

David Katz has enjoyed a long and successful career as a sports photographer in the British press, despite having been secretly legally blind his entire life, choosing not to disclose his condition, as he didn't want to be judged on anything except the quality of his work. In this inspirational video, he talks about his work, life, and condition and reveals it to former colleagues for the first time.

Some Helpful Tips for Wedding Group Portraits

If there're two things to remember about wedding photography, it's that you have to know your stuff inside and out and second chances don't exist. This helpful video will show you some great tips for posing a large wedding group, lighting them, and picking the proper camera settings.

Don't Let the Creative Hustle Make You a Loner

Working as a freelancer or business owner in a creative field often gets a glamorous image attached to it, but the reality (as we all know) is often that it means long hours of grinding away all by ourselves. This video reminds us that there's more to life than just work and the key to happiness is finding balance.

Five Helpful Tips for Shooting Portraits in Harsh Sunlight

Golden hour is cool and all, but unfortunately, it only lasts about an hour (I guess it was named well). If you're shooting with natural light, limiting yourself to just a small fraction of the day can really hinder your work. This helpful video will show you some tips to embrace that harsh midday sun and keep turning out shots.