Los Angeles Street Photographer Hunts for Light to Create Dramatic Imagery

What makes one street photographer any greater than the other? Is it the streets which they frequent? Is it a matter of being in the right place at the right time? Or is the answer more about perspective and the people who fill the streets? Remarkable Street Photographer Rinzi Ruiz opens up about the inspiration behind his stunning street photography.

Behind-the-Scenes Look Into the Boudoir Community

Ever wonder what happens during a boudoir photography retreat that is aimed to educate those to be the best in the business? The top photographers are the best for the fact that they never stop developing themselves on their craft. Attending workshops, retreats, and conferences are part of how you started out so why stop now?

David LaChapelle’s Latest and Last Photo Books Complete the Photographer’s Narrative on Pop Culture, Consumerism, and Paradise [NSFW]

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 30 years, allow me to give you a brief introduction to the Commercial, Fashion, and Celebrity Photographer David LaChapelle who just released his latest and final books, "Lost + Found, Part I" and "Good News, Part II." LaChapelle, 54, has photographed some of the most iconic figures of the 90s and 2000s including Tupac, Hillary Clinton, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, and Muhummad Ali. Pretty much anyone worth their salt has been shot by this guy.

How to Take Great Landscape Photos Even With Gray Skies

When you think of the sky in landscape photos, I bet you think of gorgeous sunsets full of luscious, vivid colors or puffy clouds floating over a blue backdrop, perfectly complementing the elements below. You probably don't think of drab, gray skies. Nonetheless, it's still possible to get great shots with less-than-stellar views above, and this video will show you how.

Keeping Your Shortcut Customizations in Check

With all the sales on photography tutorials being sold over this online shopping weekend at the Fstoppers store, I'd like to share a little tip that may help some. Customizing your keyboard shortcuts is an essential part of a truly optimized workflow. However, certain basic functions I recommend leaving as default settings.

Why We Sometimes Have to Accept Failure: Learning From Your Mistakes

A few days ago, I took my first ever flight over N.Y.C. and before even getting in the helicopter, I had a bunch of crazy awesome shots in my head that were ready to shoot and share with the world. After doing aerial photography for just over two years with my drone, I believe that I have acquired the eye to shoot from the sky. However, being in the helicopter with the doors off 1,000-2,000 feet above N.Y.C., and shooting with a 70-200mm lens, turned out to be more of a failure to me than I had thought it would as far as photography goes.

Get a Rare Discount on One of the Best Lighting Modifiers in the World Today Only

The Broncolor parabolic reflectors are some of the most unique and versatile lighting modifiers out there, with their true parabolic shape creating a beautifully sculpting light and their focusing rod feature allowing one to change the hardness and contrast of the light on the fly. Today only, B&H is offering a rare discount on all sizes, with 20 percent savings across the board.

Nikon D3400 DSLR And Two Lenses For $399.99

If someone in your family is considering getting into photography and you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on gigantic DSLR, you may want to consider the Nikon D3400. This camera is a crop sensor DSLR that still has removable lenses and full manual control and today, it's actaully cheaper than a point and shoot camera.

Fstoppers Review of the Shimoda Explore 60 Adventure Photography Backpack

I’d like to introduce you to the Shimoda Adventure Camera bags, specifically, the Explore 60. It’s a backpack that’s built for outdoor adventure photographers and filmmakers, and has options for 60L and 40L versions. Never heard of it? Well, I’m sure you have used or seen some of the gear that Shimoda’s lead designer has previously worked on. I’ll tell you about this and more in my full review.

Why Open Source Is in Just About Everything You Use

It always surprises me in photography that the sector as a whole seems wedded to spending money. Not content with the affliction of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) across amateurs and professionals, the sector likes nothing more than a few extra bags, filters, albums, prints, and yes, software.

Squeezing Extra Autumn Colors Out of Lightroom

If you've been out shooting recently, there's a good chance that you're now sitting down to edit a pile of photographs that capture the incredible colors that autumn brings. This brief tutorial shows you a quick and dirty trick (jump to three minutes to skip the waffle!) for getting Lightroom to make the most of those gorgeous, orangey tones.

Insight on Instagram: A Look at How the Algorithm Works

I'm sure we all wonder how we can get our work out there and to be seen by people all over the world. For myself and many others, Instagram has become a huge spot for sharing our work. With millions of people browsing through their feeds multiple times per day, why not post content that people can like and engage with? This service is free to us, and we can be as good as we want at it as long as we understand how to use it and put the time into growing it properly. Here are some tips from YouTuber BMACadelic on how to do just that.

MZed Filmmaking Courses Cyber Monday Deals

With a plethora of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals flooding the market last week and over the weekend (including all Fstopper tutorials on sale), one that you may have missed is the deal MZed is currently offering, available through Tuesday. MZed is a terrific filmmaking education resource with a number of premier courses worth checking out.

Harrowing Footage Shows North Korean Soldier Shot and Rescued During Defection

On November 13, a North Korean soldier defected through the demilitarized zone, eventually being shot 5 times by fellow North Korean soldiers before lying about 55 yards over the border, where he was dragged to safety by South Korean sergeants 40 minutes later. This video from the United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission shows the harrowing escape from start to rescue.

Why Landscape and Cityscape Photographers Should Also Carry a Telephoto Lens

When you think of landscape and cityscape photography, you likely think of wide angle lenses designed to maximize the amount of the scene you can fit in the frame. And while these are the first choice of many photographers, this video makes a great case for why you should also carry along a telephoto lens.

How to Develop Your Own Black and White Film at Home: No Darkroom Needed

Shooting film is a lot of fun, but part of what pushes photographers away from it is the cost, a lot of which is tied up in developing. This awesome video will show you how to develop your own black and white film in your bathroom with a minimal kit and much lower costs than sending it out.

Some Helpful Sound Design Tips for Filmmakers

Sound and image go together like chocolate and peanut butter, so if one is a little off, the whole concoction is spoiled. This helpful video will give you some very practical tips and tricks for creating realistic and effective sound design for your video work.

If You Pointed a Camera Into Space, How Far Could You See?

Let's suppose you had a gigantic zoom lens — so big that you could effectively zoom as far as you wanted to frame any object. If you pointed it into space, how far could you see? It turns out that you could see a really long way away and yet, not that far at all.

Why You Should Bother With 4K Video

It's always a polarizing topic even from the time a new camera body is rumored. The 4K specification brings forward the passion of the most vocal in the video community. But for all the back and forth, will it alone actually make your video better?

Deconstructing Cinematography of Scenes From 'Blade Runner'

As filmmakers and photographers, we tend to guess how other people shot specific scenes. Depending on our level of experience, we may be right or wrong. In this video we can see the approach of master DPs to deconstructing the cinematography of their favorite moments from "Blade Runner."