Why Photographers Are Unhappy

Photography is something we all choose to do willingly, and as such, it should be something that makes us happy. Nonetheless, a lot of photographers are not particularly happy, which is a shame. Why is that, though? This insightful video essay discusses some of the possible reasons.

Fstoppers Reviews the Vecnos IQUI: A Tiny 360 Camera for the Masses?

Capturing the world in 360 has been a thing for years. While companies such as Ricoh and Insta360 have made the process far easier than the days of specialized tripod heads and sophisticated software, it’s still not an easily understood process or format. Vecnos aims to change that with its new IQUI 360 camera.

5 Tips for Better Landscape and Nature Photography

You could spend a lifetime out in nature with your camera and still barely scratch the surface of what is out there to photograph. If you would like to improve your landscape and nature photography, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features five helpful tips that will improve your work and expand your creative palette.

How To Fake Color Gel Lighting in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is such a deep and impressive tool, that most things can be done within the software. While you may (and arguably, should) want to get it right in-camera, sometimes you don't have that option. Here is a great tutorial on how to fake the colored gel look.

Watch This Photographer Turn an Ugly Location Into a Great Photoshoot

If you have a big budget for an editorial shoot or you're lucky enough to live near some beautiful scenery, then finding an ideal location for a portrait or fashion shoot won't be an issue. However, the vast majority of photographers have to work with less than that, so here are some great tips to get creative in ugly environments.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k Pro LCD Screen White Balance Hack

In this article you will discover how to set the white balance on your Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro’s LCD screen. This will also work on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K models as well.

We Review the New Shimoda Explore V2: A Travel-Ready Backpack for Creators

Shimoda just launched their new backpack lineup, the Explore V2 Series. It’s a travel-ready backpack that comes in three sizes and is built for travel and landscape photographers who spend their time globetrotting with a camera in tow. This feature-rich new bag by a brand specializing in adventure camera bags is definitely worth checking out!

Using the World's 1st Versatile VND Filters With Landscapes

Neutral density filters are generally found in two forms, circular filter systems, and square filter systems. Each of these systems has its respective advantages and disadvantages. However, a company called Freewell seems to have produced a filter system that manages to offer the best of both worlds.

A Comparison of 10 Popular Wildlife Lenses

Nowadays, with companies like Tamron and Sigma putting out impressive, high-quality lenses, photographers have more choices than ever when it comes to wildlife equipment. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the options, this awesome video compares 10 of the best to help you pick the right one for you.

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How to Choose Your First Digital Camera

The easiest way to decide on which digital camera is right for you is to consider budget, size, features, and a few more things. Follow this guide on what to look out for and help make a decision for your first digital camera purchase.

The Joy of Shooting With the Mostly Forgotten Medium Format TLR

Most photographers are familiar with three types of cameras: the DSLR, mirrorless, and rangefinder. However, a fourth type, the TLR, offers a completely different and rather fun medium format film shooting experience. Though they have largely been overtaken by other designs, you can still find them on the used market, and this great video shows you the experience of shooting with one.

5 Tips to Improve Your Portraits

Portraiture is a challenging genre that requires sharp skills with the camera, in lighting, post-processing, and your ability to work with and pose a subject. If you have been feeling a little unsure of your work lately and need something to get you back on track, check out this great video tutorial that will give you five helpful tips to improve your portraits.

Aputure Launches New Projection Lens Spotlight Minizoom

Aputure has been one of the most interesting companies in the lighting space over the last few years, with some brilliant and affordable options. This latest projection lens attachment has had me very interested indeed.

Why Hustling Is the Most Dangerous Trend in Photography

A modern trend that is taking over every freelancer is hustling. The mantra is repeated by some of the most popular productivity “gurus.” The more hours you put in, the more outcome you will get. However, following this hours = improvement idea is dangerous for your health, creativity, and ultimately, photography.

Comparing Canon's Impressive RF 50mm f/1.2L to the EF 50mm f/1.2L

The Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L was one of the company's most well-known and popular lenses, but it was a rather quirky model that was not without flaws in both autofocus performance and image quality. On the other hand, the new RF 50mm f/1.2L USM quickly established that the company had set a new standard for itself when it came to lens design and image quality. Just how much better is the new model? This great video review takes a look at both old and new to answer that question.

What to Look for When Purchasing Used Gear

Photo gear tends to be quite expensive, and when you are outfitting your camera bag, the costs can add up rather quickly. However, the used market is always bustling, and you can save significant amounts of money by buying what you need there. This helpful video essay discusses what to look for when buying used equipment to make sure you get a good deal on equipment that will last you a long time.

Make Your Own Canvas Backdrop on a Budget

Hand-painted canvas backdrops are a thing of beauty, it is another form of art in itself. With that, there are many canvas backdrops out there that are not very budget-friendly. If you have the time and space, here's how you can make your own.

Is This the Only Filter System You'll Ever Need?

Accessories for cameras have improved in both quality and function over the last decade or so, but perhaps not as quickly as other areas of equipment. This new filter system, however, aims to overcome a lot of the irritants around stacking filters.

An Unusual Way to Use a Beauty Dish

Certain modifiers do tend to have some more traditional methods of use, especially when using a beauty dish. Sometimes we can get hung up on what is the "right" way to use them and lose out on creativity. Here's a different way you can use a beauty dish when shooting indoors.

Create Cinematic Lighting With Tube Lights

Lighting equipment can be expensive, confusing, and cumbersome, but it doesn't have to be. Some of the most interesting and enjoyable lights to use are much cheaper than studio strobes and can unlock real creativity.

6 Creative Street Photography Ideas You Can Do With Your Phone

Say what you will about mobile phones, their cameras have improved faster than anyone could have predicted with the blend of hardware and software upgrades, as well as a lot of innovation. In this video, watch some creative shots that can be taken with just a phone.

How to Effectively Retouch Skin Using Lightroom

When you think of retouching skin, you likely think of using Photoshop over Lightroom, and for deep or intricate work, that is definitely where you should be working. However, Lightroom offers some built-in tools for this, and they can often be all you need to produce a finished photo. This great video tutorial will show you how to use them to produce naturally retouched portraits that still retain detail in the skin.