Has Sony Altered the Camera Market Forever?

The mirrorless camera was an innocuous enough invention that stemmed from Olympus' early innovation, but is it Sony that has managed to change the camera market for good and upset the CaNikon apple cart?

The Challenges of Photographing Jupiter

Jupiter is one of the most stunning objects in the night sky, and while it is relatively close to us are far as objects in space go, it is still a mind-bogglingly far distance from our home planet, making it a real challenge to photograph. This neat video goes behind the scenes to show the process an astrophotographer went through to get a photo of the biggest planet.

Is Capture One or Lightroom Right for Your Photography?

When it comes to organizing and editing your images, there are two behemoths in the industry: Lightroom and Capture One. They are very distinct applications, and you may find you prefer one over the other. If you are wondering which one is right for your work, be sure to check out this great video that highlights their biggest differences and the pros and cons of each application.

Advancing Your Photography With Photographic Essays

We usually see a photograph as a solitary work, a passing moment in time captured to be examined on its own. However, creating a coherent story through a body of work can lift your photography up to a new level.

This Video Shows Why Lighting Makes the Photo

No doubt, we are constantly bombarded by temptation for newer and better cameras and lenses, and we often delude ourselves into believing that they will flip a switch that will suddenly make our photos vastly better. At the end of the day, it is all about the light, and this awesome video pits an iPhone versus a Hasselblad to show you just how true that is.

How to Get Dramatic Clouds in Overcast Lighting Conditions

When photographers hear overcast skies, we immediately think of flat light. What this usually means is an overall lack of detail and contrast, especially in the sky. It might be easy to assume that the sky during overcast days is uninteresting, but I want to show you the opposite, that overcast days are some of the best times to get deep and dramatic images. In this video and article, I'll be walking through how to shoot and edit dramatic clouds during overcast conditions in Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

Learn From a Master: Analysis of Joel Meyerowtiz's Street Photography

There are photographers that are so masterful in their creation of images that they are worth studying in the hope you can siphon off some of their brilliance. In this video, watch as some of Joel Meyerowitz's legendary street photography is broken down and analyzed.

Why, When, and How to Use Two Cameras

You have probably seen professional photographers in certain genres (weddings, for example) shooting with two camera bodies simultaneously. Why do they do this and what are the benefits of carrying that extra weight? This excellent video discusses the topic and offers some tips for working with two cameras simultaneously.

12 Helpful Tips for Better Black and White Photos

Creating a good black and white photograph takes so much more than simply converting a color image to monochrome; they are an art entirely unto themselves. If you are looking to improve your black and white shots, check out this great video tutorial that offers 12 helpful tips that will have you taking better shots in no time.

10 Ways to Make Colors Pop in Lightroom

Photos often lack a real punch when we import them for editing, this is especially apparent when importing raw files to Lightroom because it strips the shot of the overriding camera settings making them seem lackluster. Luckily, there are 10 simple ways you can make your colors pop once again.

Save on a Large Hard Drive and Sigma Lens Today Only

Photographers can always use more storage, and 150-600mm lenses are some of the most versatile out there, useful in a wide range of scenarios. Today only, you can save on both through these great deals.

The Unique Creative Photo Opportunities Hiding in the Forest

Landscape photography often deals with wide views that stretch for miles, but there is an entirely different world waiting to be photographed deep inside the forest. This great video shows some of the unique creative opportunities you can find in the forest and how you might go about capturing them.

Why It's a Big Deal That Adobe Is Acquiring Frame.io

Frame.io, a leader in building software for collaboration, client review and sign-off, and cloud-based workflows in moving image productions, is being acquired by Adobe for $1.275 billion. Why is this such a big deal?

How to Give Your Videos a Filmic Look With Color Grading

There are many ways to edit your videos and images, but one lasting method is in fact just to mimic the past. In this video, watch how one videographer color grades his work to get that vintage feel without sacrificing quality.

How to Improve Your Photography Website

For the majority of photographers, their website is the central hub through which potential clients will find and decide whether or not to hire them. And so, it is important to put a lot of careful thought into your website, as it can make or break the success of your business. This excellent video tutorial discusses some mistakes beginners make with their websites and how to fix or avoid them.

5 Tips You Should Follow to Improve Your Landscape Photography

When it comes to landscape photography, there is always some room for improvement, but without new approaches, you may feel as though you've plateaued. These five tips can help you approach your landscape photography in new ways.

A Review of the Sony FE 20mm f/1.8 G Lens

A wide angle prime lens with a large aperture is one that can handle a large range of shooting scenarios ranging from weddings coverage to astro work and more. This great video review takes a look at one such option for Sony shooters, the FE 20mm f/1.8 G lens.

One Photographer's Five-Day Mission for an Elusive Photo

One photographer has been chasing a particular shot for a number of years, and in this video, watch behind the scenes as he spends a week trying to get it just right in the United Kingdom's Peak District.

7 Reasons Why Photography Is Great for You: Some Well-Needed Positivity

The last 18 months have been a brutal procession of adversity and change, to the point where I have to limit how much news I read for my own mental health. In a similar vein to the Reddit sub, /r/eyebleach, here are seven reasons why photography is a great hobby to have.

A Cityscape Photography Tutorial

Cityscapes are a fantastic marriage of human construction and the natural elements that challenge your technical skills and offer the opportunity for jaw-dropping photos. If you are looking to improve yours, check out this excellent video tutorial that shows you how a professional photographer approaches such an image.

We Interview With Scott Bacon, Managing Director at Nature First

As a landscape photographer, what is my impact upon the very thing that I love to photograph and how can I reduce that impact? This was the overarching theme of the conversation when I recently sat down with Scott Bacon, Managing Director for a group called Nature First, the Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography, to ponder this question. Scott’s passion for the subject was immediately evident, and I found him to be an engaging and committed ambassador for what Nature First is all about.

An Effective Portrait Lighting Setup for a Variety of Situations

Gaining a strong grasp of lighting is essential not only to producing technically competent photographs but for developing a personal creative style as well. If you are struggling a bit to get up and running, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you a versatile and effective portrait lighting setup that is useful for a wide variety of scenarios.