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The DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone Is Currently On Sale For $599

The Phantom 4 is out. I've got one and it's pretty awesome, but in reality, it's not THAT much better than the Phantom 3. If you're looking to buy your first drone I would suggest starting with something more affordable anyway. Right now you can get a new Phantom 3 Advanced for just $599

The Phantom 3 came in three models; standard, advanced, and pro. The advanced has all of the same features as the pro but it can only shoot 1080 and not 4K. 4K is certainly better, even if you plan to export in 1080, but it isn't 4 times better. The low bit rate of the Phantom 3 Pro limits the 4K resolution quite a bit. That being said, if 4K isn't a must for you, this deal may be right up your alley. 

The seller is cookieelectronics and they have over 5800 positive reviews with a 98.6% positive rating. This is a legit seller and if the drone comes to you broken they will give you your money back or send you a new one free of charge. 

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LA M's picture

True dat'....the P4 is an incremental advancement at best. The P3 is the real value play.

Erik Tande's picture

"If your** looking to buy your first drone..."
**you're ;)

Lee Morris's picture

dammit! good catch

Kyle Medina's picture

Out of stock

Lee Morris's picture

well that went fast

Kyle Medina's picture

Yeah I had the CC ready to order.

Eric Snyder's picture

My P4 at the Nubble lighthouse, Its a great drone

Kyle Medina's picture

Lee do have remarks on Here is a stellar deal for the Phantom 3 Professional -

Kyle Medina's picture

Never mind its the Phantom 3 4k. Its not the Pro, I don't know why they kept it gold.

Lee Morris's picture

I've never bought from them but I think it's a legit site