'Hong Kong Strong' Is a Mesmerizing Video Tour of the City

Hong Kong is one of the largest cities in the world, so capturing it in a way that does it justice is no small task. Filmmaker Brandon Li has accomplished that, however, by creating a fast-paced feast for the eyes that keeps the viewer on their toes and illuminates many of the unique facets of the City of Life.

Li's rapid-fire storytelling coupled with his technical skills and blistering editing make it difficult to turn away from the screen for even a brief moment, as seamless transitions take us from closeups of beautifully plated gourmet food to wide spanning shots of the city. The film is particularly noteworthy for its frenzied mood, which while intensely energetic and multifaceted, retains a certain reverence for the city and celebration of the vibrant life it contains. Li also made a great commentary video that walks the viewer both through his mindset and the process of filming:

​Li really pulled out all the stops gear-wise as well. Check out his list for this project:

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Dave McDermott's picture

That's actually a really cool video and a very interesting filmmaker too.

Darren Turner's picture

Superb work! Beautifully put together.