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Peek Inside a Wildlife Photographer's Gear Stash

Spring is coming. If you're anything like me, you'd rather be out in the woods pretty much all the time right now. And if I'm out in the woods, chances are I have some kind of camera with me.

Here's a peek into the bag of wildlife photographer John Marriott. I know you're probably curious about what's inside it because, let's face it: we're always curious. 

In this video, Canadian professional wildlife photographer John Marriott takes you on a tour of the camera equipment he takes with him on a typical shoot. Many of his videos take you on various shoots around Canada, but this one brings it back to basics. Going through the specifics of each camera and lens he uses, why he likes different combinations for different situations, as well as what he tends to leave at home, John gives some good insight for those looking to get into wildlife photography. Beyond the photography gear, he details other equipment, clothing, and doodads that he finds to be useful. 

And, finally, he reminds us that in the end it's not the gear that matters, it's the photographer behind the gear. Time to grab some camo clothing, hit the trails, and start shooting.

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