Photographer Documents Mice Living in his Garden After Constructing Miniature Home and Playground

Wildlife photographer Simon Dell has made the most of the wildlife inhabiting his garden by assembling a village in which his resident mice can live and play, providing them with such amenities has provided him with the opportunity to snap some closeup portraits.

Explaining that the presence of neighborhood cats was a large part of his motivation to provide the mice with shelter, he said he “collected some logs and made them a log pile home.” He added: “As I was feeding the mice, it was the right thing to do, as I would feel it was my fault getting them to come out if they became prey.”

Photo: Simon Dell
Photo: Simon Dell

The luxurious residence now includes carved doorways and ladders for ease of access to the abode. The grounds are decorated with apples, a saw, and even a mouse-sized bike.

Dell clicked with the mice, who he has named George, Mildred, and Mini, instantly. After first spotting his new neighbors, Dell grabbed his camera and only had to wait a few minutes for them to make an appearance. After Mildred and Mini appeared, Dell says he had to add more rooms to the property and further exits.

Photo: Simon Dell
Photo: Simon Dell

The series of images has received a positive reception online, with suggestions the photos would make for the perfect calendar. "I love nature, so am happy to live alongside such cute creatures," said Dell.

If you’d like to see more of George and his family, he has his own Facebook page. More of Dell’s work can be found on his page.

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That is something!

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This is so adorable.

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And then they start making baby's .......................... and a lot! ;)

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Well done, and extremely cute.

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That's absolutely adorable. Well done.

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I really needed this today. :)

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Soooo well done and innovative.