Six Photographers Reveal Yellowstone National Park Like Never Before

When National Geographic calls and asks you to take on a project that involves capturing one of the most photographed places on the planet, how do you come away with something new or unique? Six photographers took on this challenge and shared their stories and images in this short video.

I found it interesting that some of the images revealed an almost behind-the-scenes look at what the actual experience is like for the average tourist, which if you've never been to Yellowstone, you might find rather revealing. Hordes of people taking cell phone pictures, families scurrying about, and as seen in one of the images from the video above, a Sports Illustrated photoshoot taking place. Popular destinations like these are being photographed more than ever, and professionals have to work hard to stand out.

As the crowds continue to grow at Yellowstone, great care needs to be taken to protect our wild lands so that every generation may continue to enjoy them. If you ever go, please educate yourself on the park's rules for safety of yourself and the wildlife. Don't be like these filmmaking idiots who recently trampled across the grand prismatic spring, or this tool who crashed his drone into the spring.

If you have some more free time, definitely check out this next short about how Ronan Donovan photographed wolves in Yellowstone National Park:

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Jeffrey Puritz's picture

Unfortunately, the first thing I thought of was: I wonder how much damage they did.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Renews a sense of wonder not just for the delicious mystery of the created order... but for the delicious magic of photographic composition at its finest.

Anonymous's picture

I liked the fact they stated the rights of visitors, all visitors, to enjoy the park. While I would love to visit and see no one else, everyone has the same right to be there. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous's picture

Of course there are. My point was that while a lot of people, myself included, would prefer the Nat'l Parks were less crowded, we need to remember and acknowledge everyone's right to be there. Kind of a yin-yang thing.

Chris Adval's picture

Were these photographers the same ones that were on the news for being on the yellowstone?