Want to Know How to Start Creating Beautiful Dog Portraits? Check Out This Video

You may be a proud owner of a dog yourself or you may want to break into professional dog photography, which is where this video will come in handy if you want to start creating stunning portraits of our canine friends.

As a pet owner myself, I know it's not as simple as having a simply adorable pet in front of my camera to actually create a pleasing photograph that is in focus and has captured their personality well. The focus part in particular can be difficult when working with models who are so quick to move and get distracted by any movement or noise around them. 

Published photographer and educator, Jess Wealleans, shares her extensive knowledge in professional canine photography and how those tips can be translated into useful and actionable steps that you can incorporate in your own dog photography, whether professional or just as a hobby to capture your furry friends. Just a simple exercise of showing and comparing three shooting angles, starting from above, which is what a lot of people use to snap a quick image, then face-to-face, and finally, low on the ground, can help illustrate the stark difference between them all. It's such a simple tip yet it makes an incredible difference when comparing the three results. 

Wealleans also shares advice on post-processing as she reviews the images taken during the shoot. If you are not interested in becoming a dog photographer at all, you might as well simply enjoy the Weallean's two adorable and photogenic dogs who are doing modeling for this video as they are bound to put a smile on your face.

Lead image used with the permission of Jess Wealleans.

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Nada Ivanova's picture

i love to shoot dog .. i often shoot my dog in studio ...and very often outside wille a walk...

Celso Mollo's picture

it is a low F-stop not low aperture you are actually using a big aperture with 2.8, Just saying.