Win a Canon 5D Mk III or a Nikon D500 in This Free Photo Contest!

What’s the best photograph you’ve ever taken? If it’s as good as you think it is, it could win you your choice of Canon 5D Mk III, Nikon D500, Sony a7 II, or Fujifilm X-T1. It’s all part of My Best Shot, a free photo contest presented by ViewBug, the world’s largest photo contest community.

It’s free to enter so there’s nothing to lose. But win or lose, you’ll learn exactly how your photography stacks up to your peers. And if things go right, you could be unboxing a brand new camera very soon.

"Light and shadow" by WWWest

Landscape, portrait, nature... anything goes! If it’s an image that you’re proud of, it’s worth submitting. Contest closes for submissions on November 8, 2016. Grand Jury winner will be selected by professional landscape photographer Chrystal Hutchinson.

"The King" by HamishMitchell

Submit your image now, spy on your competition, and explore the submissions gallery, or check out some of the other 100 plus more contests on ViewBug.

Image featured at the top, "Yellowstone Canyon," is a submission from ViewBug Pro rexjones.

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jessepatterson's picture

How many images can you submit?

Chris McCullum's picture

How many email addresses are you willing to create?

Zoe Larkin's picture

I saw this a few days ago here on fstoppers and submitted a few images to Viewbug. It is a fairly addictive site where you can submit images to 'challenges' as well as 'contests' such as this one. It does have its drawbacks like that there is a low limit to photo uploads, and not as much exposure unless you get a premium or pro account. It's quite interactive and feels like Instagram with the likes and, in this case 'awards' you can receive from peers. Interesting idea. With some of the other 'contests', you have to upgrade to enter, but this one indeed is free and I've entered :) thanks for the info