BTS: How Apple Made Its 'Made on iPad Pro' Ads With the New iPad Pro

Apple's latest iPad Pro ads tout what you're able to do with the new tablet as it gets closer and closer to offering the full capabilities of your computer, camera, and editing suite. Today, however, Apple shared a look into how it made those ads with the iPad itself (from the shoot to the edit) as the iPad Pro became both subject and filmmaker.

One of Apple's more controversial ad campaigns wants you to think of the iPad as a computer. To some extent, this is true. What is a computer? It wasn't long ago that computers were literally humans we today give homage to through films like “Hidden Figures” (2016). Then, room-sized calculators. And quite a bit after that, lap-resting slates of metal. So why can't a computer be an iPad (or, by that logic, an iPad, a computer)?

True, the iPad has some limitations both with the lack of more productive input hardware (e.g., keyboards and mice) and with the limitations of its software. But the former is solved with post-purchase accessories while the former has its benefits, too. Some things can only be done on the iPad or with a touchscreen or with a particular app not built for any desktop platform. And there's something to be said for being able to use this computer as the main camera in a commercial shoot. The same could be said for the phone in your pocket. And it certainly is interesting to see how filming commercial-level content has changed in the past few years as it will be to see it continue to change going forward. But some things will stay the same.

This behind-the-scenes video opens with the narration, “When you're producing a commercial, you normally have a massive film camera, full editing suite, expensive animation software. But we wanted to replace all of that with just an iPad Pro.” While it's true that the ad production did away with those items, specifically, you'll still notice a fair amount of gear being used. But when you think about it, all that gear is dedicated to two things: lighting and camera position. The fact that the rest is truly done with a single device is remarkably indicative of just how far technology has come.

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Stas Aleksandersson's picture

Was that BTS video also made on iPad Pro? 😝
I have the new iPad Pro but I’ve never even opened the camera app on it. Am I the only one?

Tom Lew's picture

The world is just ipad pro's all the way down

Fritz Asuro's picture

No, just watched Arri's "BTS of BTS with iPad Pro"