On the Go Retouching Just Got Even More Mobile with Astropad Mini

My favorite on the go retouching solution just got even more mobile with Astropad Mini. The creators of Astropad have managed to scale down their app for use with iPhone and even added functionality for the Apple Watch.

I recently reviewed the Astropad iPad app, which turns your iPad into a fully functioning graphics tablet for use with a stylus. If you perhaps didn’t think that using an iPad was portable enough, or just didn’t own one, then this may be just your ticket to on the go retouching. I’m pretty stoked to have another tool in my kit for while I am on the go. Astropad Mini still bolsters all of the same benefits that the first app gave you, just on a smaller scale. In reality I only use a very small section of my Intuos Medium tablet to avoid moving my arm too much while retouching, so this being very functional on my iPhone 6 Plus isn't surprising.

In addition to shrinking down the app for use on an iPhone, they have also added functionality to access customizable, frequently used shortcuts on your Apple Watch. I’ll stand by while you gather your brain bits that just erupted from your head. Pretty sweet, however too bad I can’t test the feature as I am lacking in that particular area of Apple hardware. You can find more information about creating a graphics tablet that fits in your pocket over on their website.

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Anonymous's picture

This looks unproductive to me. Can someone explain me what's the advantage in using it in a real world scenario?

Jay Jay's picture

Kind of an odd article- the benefit of tablets is you don't move your arm to use them- you move your wrist. What exactly are you doing that requires you to move your arm on a medium sized wacom tablet?

You say because of this, and because of the size of the Intuos Medium it's much easier to use this software on an iphone 6- but again, this makes no sense because an Intuos Small is 6"x4" and an iphone 6 is 6.22"x5.44".... so it's actually larger. And more importantly, we are talking about software on an iphone vs a dedicated and established device specifically for editing- a Wacom tablet (which btw, fits just fine in a laptop bag or case) And just so you know, i own 2 medium Intuos tablets as well as a small- and i've never had to use my arm for them.

I have no problems with marking an article as a paid advertisement, but this reeks of a product shill. Badly.

Ivan Astigarraga's picture

aaand of course is not for android and I cant use it on my note