Beauty in Simplicity: Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís

Sometimes we photographers get caught up in things that we think will help our work: the latest camera, more powerful lighting, lighter tripods, etc. It’s easy to forget that keeping it simple and getting an idea executed properly is the most important part of what we do. 

This video profiles photographers Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís from Spain. Their architecture background obviously inspires their work; lots of lines, shapes, textures, patterns appear in their images, and they usually end up in the images too. They keep it simple — mostly natural light with a camera on a tripod — and prove that you don’t need fancy gear to make powerful images. But best of all, it seems like they just really enjoy what they do. It's nice to see someone just having fun with photography, not trying to make it too technical. They shoot what they love, and it shows. 

I think there's a different message and a different story in every picture, but we just want people to fall in love with our minimalism and our way to discover beauty in simplicity, because that's all we care about.

You can see more of their work on their Instagram pages: Anna here and Daniel here.

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Samuel Flores Sanchez's picture

Love the smile with the red skirt!!! 4.03

Alfonso Calero's picture

Love their work! Been following them for months! On instagram. Reminds me a little like Rodney Smith and his whimsical style.