One Year of Shooting in Vienna Reduced to a Mesmerizing Three Minutes

A Taste of Vienna, produced by Thomas Pöcksteiner and Peter Jablonowski, is the coolest thing you'll see today. This carefully crafted time-lapse of Austria's capital city looks, feels, and sounds like a love letter to the great European hub.

The passion for their hometown seems evident in the meticulous construction of the time-lapse. Every detail jumps out at the viewer. Every sound sucks you in deeper. It is definitely three minutes well spent.

The duo behind this hypnotic tumble through Vienna aren't exactly new to the large-scale time-lapse game. This much is evident if you visit their website. However, this latest installment in their collection is nothing short of breathtaking. In particular, the masterfully executed sound design provided by Benjamin Bauernfeind takes this piece to a level of its own. Every transition, every sprinting motion or quiet lingering moment is met with an immersive accompaniment of chatter, traffic, or music.

The Film Spektakel team spent one year producing the video and collected over 2 TB of footage creating the final product according to their Vimeo page. Filming the project took a multitude of equipment, including:

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Kyle Medina's picture

WOW!! That was amazing!

David Sanden's picture

Often time lapse photography looks fairly boring after awhile, however this is quite impressive. I really like how it was directed to feel almost seamless from scene to scene. Bravo!

Oliver Kmia's picture

I do a lot of timelapse & hyperlapse myself and this is a real masterpiece in every way: stabilization, editing, composition, transition, planning. Just a idea of making transition between summer and winter tells a lot.
Fantastic work.

Felix Wu's picture

Blown away. The best Time-lapse! Love the story and matching sound effect.

Sergey Yazvinsky's picture