This Video of a Steel Wool Photoshoot at Abandoned Warehouse is Hot

The now-classic multiple exposure or long exposure of someone spinning or otherwise manipulating burning steel wool isn't anything new. Getting a stylized look at how the shoot goes down, however, is always worth a click. I invite you to check out this video by YouTubers The Proper People. The group seems to usually reserve their videos for exploring interesting abandoned buildings and long-forgotten locations. It's a pretty cool urban exploring site, for those of you into paying trespassing tickets. 
This particular share, however, is a beautiful example of what glorious steel wool blooms can look like in capable hands. In particular, the smooth After Effects moves in the edit bring something new to the genre.
The great soundtrack works well in the spooky environment but still lends itself well to the frantic pace of the swinging steel wool fireballs. The song you're treating your ears to is "We Are The Wild Ones" by diegaR.
If the steel wool thing seems like something you'd like to try, consider a safe location, safety glasses, perhaps some protective clothing, and a rainy night wouldn't be horrible for your first attempt at not burning your face off. At the very least, take some advice from Von Wong first. Good luck and stay safe!
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Justin Sharp's picture

I read the article before I watched the video and I was preparing to write: good video of a cliche is still a cliche. Then I watched the video and that was absolutely captivating. For all of the many boring cliche photos and videos of burning steel wool, there are these that are really well done.

Jason Vinson's picture

Right there with ya. glad i watched it though!

Adam Sparkes's picture

Yeah. I was ready to treat it like another "Burning Man" portrait project, too. But dang! Their YT channel is pretty well put together, over all.

Wayne Denny's picture

That's some really incredible work. I'm always interested in finding some nearby abandoned places, but never have the first clue of where to look. I always just seem to stumble on to different places. The Jax video looks cool, and that's less than 2 hours from where I live. Might have to make a weekend road trip - thanks for the article!