How to Reduce the Size of Stars in Photoshop

It might seem like a strange thing to reduce the size of stars in a night sky photo, but if you want to better show off deep-sky objects, it can help bring them to the fore. With so many stars in the sky, it can be a bit of a tedious task, however. This great video tutorial will show you three different methods for reducing the size of stars both easily and efficiently. 

Coming to you from Astro Backyard, this awesome video tutorial will show you three separate methods for reducing the size of the stars in Photoshop. Given the (relative) brightness of the stars and their density, they can be rather distracting if you want something else in the sky to be the focus of your image. Of course, however, you do not want to totally eliminate the stars, as a blank sky with just a single element will look strange to even casual observers. Thankfully, it is a bit easier than going through hundreds or thousands of stars one by one. Just be sure you leave enough of the stars showing for the image to still be realistic! Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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