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8 Tips for Maximizing Your Downtime

Sitting at home starting to bring you down ? Michael Sasser has brought you 8 tips to maximize your downtime during quarantine. Most of which are items you might have been putting off for some time. 

When business is going well we sometimes neglect certain parts of our behind the scenes work because "why fix what isn't broke" right? But a lot of the behind the scenes work needs to be cleaned up so you stay relevant. Working on your website is a major component on getting more leads and staying fresh in the browser search of potential clients. Sasser suggest working on your about page and adding new content and images to your portfolio. 

Getting an online course will help spark some new ideas as well. Many online courses are giving discount codes including Sasser for some of his courses and even some that are free previews. Another tip is self portraits as this will help you to communicate with your clients knowing what it feels like to be in that pose. Most photographers find it difficult to square away the time for self portraits so right now you have the time even for a few shots to know what your clients feels like in front of the camera. 

Check out the video for more tips to help you clean up some items you have been putting off as well as some that will help you prepare for when this self quarantine time is finally over. 

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Barry Strawbridges's picture

I would also suggest making sure you have backups of your editing machine. Next make sure you're testing the backups with a sample restore.

g coll's picture

Great tips. Top two for me are website overhaul and reaching out to other photographers. We may not be able to colab right now but I’m sure some great ideas can be generated during this time.