Four Must Have Detail Shots in Your Next Boudoir Session

Detail shots are one of the most neglected shots I see missing from boudoir photographers portfolios. Not only do they compliment another image when placed in an album, they can help to create larger sales in the end. Keeping a mental note of which detail shots to not forget can help you in your flow during the session as well as helping you see another angle you might not have thought about before. In the last article about maximizing album spreads, the second note was on detail shots. If you have ever shot wedding you understand just how important a detail shot is to the bride and groom. They have spent thousands of dollars on those little fine points they will want to remember it in their albums. Same goes for boudoir in respect to her spending money on the hair and makeup only to be forgotten in the end if you do not take the time to shoot it.

Eye Lashes

One of my favorite shots is the eye lashes. Most women are not going around wearing boudoir makeup in her normal daily routine, so remembering to shoot this detail is something she will love to have in her album. It is soft and sultry without being overly sexual in this one particular shot. It is important to take notice if a false eyelash has come off even at the slightest edge, as it will show up in the final image and become a major distraction. If you find yourself in the middle of editing with a break in the line of a lash, a simple liquefy nudge usually does the trick.

Open Them Up Now

Now that you have shot those gorgeous lashes have your client open her eyes and connect with the camera. Most clients will chose images where they are not looking directly at the camera, however the significant other tends to go more for these looks. Having both side by side can help build an album spread as well. Selling per image rather than per page is how you can help that sale. Remember we are selling our art and not the paper it is printed on.

Moving Lower

Now that we have shot some details around the face we can get in a bit closer into the chest or abdomen area. Some clients are going to love showing off their newly sculpted abs, while others may not. So in this detail shot chose which area your client is more confident with as the main subject, while stile keeping in the rest as a soft background.

I prefer to shoot this type of shot in a chair as so she can lean backwards to arch her back and lift towards the ceiling. Coach your client to take a deep breath to help bring the chest higher, followed by a slow exhale in order to pout the lips slightly. This fluid movement will create this look each time. Practicing this move yourself will also assist your client when she sees your instruction rather than just simple verbal commands.

Last But Not Least and Definitely My Favorite

I have never shot a back that I did not find absolutely beautiful. This image is another that has been chosen every time during the IPS. Positioned with the back shoulder tucked forward and the back hip pushed in the opposite direction you can create this soft curve to accentuate the spine. I prefer to keep most of the face still in frame with eyes cut down the shoulder otherwise you can create a undesired look of cutting off the head at the neck line.

While there are a multitude of other detail shots you can create, having four "go to" shots will create a fluid movement around your client. Having your own specific four shots will also help create a signature look in your portfolio to help separate your look from the rest. Clients will seek you out knowing they want that look and will be excited to see how you decide to shoot those detail on them. 

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