Get a Chance to Be Featured on Fstoppers

In case you have not been poking around the Fstoppers website enough, you may not realize there are groups specifically geared to each photography genre. These groups are designed to be your community outlet to show off your work, and here is your chance to get recognized.

Whether you are just starting out in boudoir photography or have been part of the industry for many years, it is always helpful to have a community of like-minded individuals behind the scenes for advice. Being part of a group forum is a great way to super charge your boudoir shooting and get feedback. To give back to all of you who have been following the boudoir posts, or posting in the boudoir group, a contest will be held for the next week for a chance to be featured.


The deadline is March 22, where you must join and then enter your images to be considered. Courtney Bell from the Adore Girls along with myself will be looking over images that will be considered for a feature on the work as well as the artist themselves. While this group is not anti nudes, overly erotic images will not be considered. "Please keep it classy, Fstoppers" is the group's motto, so let's not get too out of control.

Image Courtesy of Courtney Bell.
Image Courtesy of Courtney Bell.

What Else Is Needed

While nothing more is needed for the chance feature, it would be great for you to introduce yourself and where you are located. Post in the group as often as you like, not just for the contest but in the future as well. You never know when I may be looking on there to pick up a new article!

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