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How to Get the Most Out of Your Small Shooting Space

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For many photographers, space can be an issue when it comes to your shooting area. It can be difficult to obtain a variety of looks when you are working with just one room. However, with just a few small changes, you can give your clients more than enough to chose from to create an album. 

Leigh Perkins set up a time-lapse video in order to show just how easily you can make one room work for over 10 different looks. In this space is not only the boudoir bedroom, but also the makeup artist's area and the editing station to show the model/client shots in real-time. Small changes in the beginning were working with bedsheets, while in the end of the video they were adding in faux windows and bike shop looks. Obviously, the larger changes such as the bike shop would require enough storage area outside your shooting space to house these items, but you do not have to include larger props depending on your style. 

Having a smaller space does not mean you are restricted to one or two looks. A simple change in the color of sheets and the backdrop will transform your tiny space into a whole new variety of ideas for your studio. If you have a small space in which you have created multiple looks, leave a comment to show us how you created your transformation!

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Deleted Account's picture

I guess "small shooting space" is a relative term. My shooting space is 6'x9.5'. xD

Jennifer Tallerico's picture

I would love to see a shot of it That is a small space and I bet you have to get very creative to get the shot!