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How to Shoot Slow Motion Boudoir Videos

Have you started to dabble into creating videos simultaneously with your photoshoots? Having the capability and provide your clients with the option to include a slow motion boudoir video along with their photos could help set you apart from the rest. So, where do you begin? 

In this video, boudoir photographer Michael Sasser highlights some of his most crucial tips to help you begin your journey into creating videos along with your photos in boudoir sessions. One tip breaks down into several which covers different ways to reduce shaky camera footage without gimbals and other camera equipment, all while shooting freehand. I would say two big factors can make or break your videos, which would be shaky footage and audio, which are both covered in this video. Sasser even shares a peek into his list of saved songs that he has selected for use in boudoir videos. 

Throughout the video, Sasser shares other tips and advice on how he creates his videos beyond the two I discussed. To end the video, there's a fairly quick rundown on how he puts it all together with the music for the final video in Final Cut. 

After watching this video, you should feel more comfortable to start creating your own short slow motion boudoir videos. Which tip do you think was the most useful or most crucial? If you are already creating your own videos, what are some additional tips you could share? 

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Studio 403's picture

Nicely done. Like to know how long a video you make for a client?

davidlovephotog's picture

Ignore the videographers? Telling people not to bother with a gimble and use warp stabilizer in post is just more dumb advice from this guys channel that fstoppers seems to worship. It still looks hand held and lazy and it's not an artistic choice, just lazy. These videos are way too common these days, slo mo, pan around and add dubstep music and every bad transition you can find. Here's my video making fun of videos like this. (I messed it up by actually editing to the beat rather than having no rhythm like most videos I see so just pretend the music is off. If you want to learn video work, learn from video people and not from someone that uses boudoir as click bait for bad advice.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

--"Telling people not to bother with a gimble and use warp stabilizer in post is just more dumb advice from this guys channel that fstoppers seems to worship."

Actually, using software stabilization was last on the list.

There's tons of big budget movies out there that look handheld. Yes?

davidlovephotog's picture

He's not trying for boudoir handheld, he's saying ignore the way a Videographer would do it and half ass it. It's boudoir not a Bourne Identity fight.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

You're not even making any sense. You so have it in for this guy he's got your head spinnin'.

He's just showing how he does HIS slow-mo boudoir videos. Are you that insecure by him saying (in a joking way) to ignore the videographer comments has got you all wound-up?

davidlovephotog's picture

He's not saying how he does it. It's not a video called "Here's how I do it" it's a video called HOW TO DO IT. And besides telling people to shoot with bad settings in camera now it's "do it lazy and then try and fix in post." If you don't know video, don't try and pretend you do for youtube likes.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Lol, man, it's like trying to explain water is wet. Look, it's his video, showing how he shoots and how he sets the settings for his intended end results, even if it means pissing off so-called videographers that's got their gimbals up their ass. Are you telling me you need a specific statement/title "How I Do it" for you to understand that's how he does it? smh

And, give it up on the "lazy" statement. I took a peek at your video, "The Outlaw and the Bounty Hunter". Dude, dude, your slow-mo's are shit. They are choppy as fuck. And, a ton of mis-focuses. Maybe worry more about your settings and less about his. Yes?

davidlovephotog's picture

That's cute.

Francisco Hernandez's picture

David, you're one of the most negative photographers out there. You should use your energy being more productive instead of hating on photographers for no good reason. Michael is actively working on videos that are helpful which is why Fstoppers are featuring him. He didn't get articles about him from being a grump like you.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

I also propose massage, SEO consulting and motor oil change to my clients as it could help set me apart from the rest.

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

Step 1: put iPhone in slo-mo.
Step 2: start shooting.

Alex Herbert's picture

Here's one of mine... I'm not proud....