Indoor and Outdoor Glamour Photography Lighting Mini Tutorials

Back in 2015, I produced some home-grown lighting and shooting video lessons for my very first subscription-based photography tutorial channel on YouTube. The first wave of feedback I received was various forms of "YouTube offers a paid subscription service?", and the second wave of feedback was more or less "Rad!" After almost a year idle, I am relaunching this channel under a slightly modified premise. As such, a few of the tutorials from the original channel are now available at no charge.

Ask any teacher, and they will tell you that everyone learns a little bit differently. While some prefer to read all the details they can find on a subject, others strongly prefer to just go for it and learn from their failings, which there will be plenty of in the beginning. Still others feel they learn best when they are taught by someone else, ideally in a workshop or classroom environment. 

Video tutorials (teaching almost anything you could ever imagine learning about) are immensely popular in the last 10 years or so, coinciding of course with the launch and global success of YouTube. This immense success of the platform means that today, here in 2017, there are literally thousands (millions?) of video tutorials on photography and retouching on the web. How do you go about deciding which ones will be most beneficial?

To me, the answer is "as many as you can." That is, I have always recommended to my workshop students that they watch as many different video tutorials as they can find, even on the exact same subject. This is because every artist and every photographer not only has a slightly different way of doing things, but they also all vary in teaching style. Perhaps a video tutorial from Photographer A on the subject of outdoor strobe use leaves you baffled and annoyed, but Photographer B's tutorial on the exact same subject makes all the sense in the world. Again, it has to do with their teaching style and their delivery (the way they speak and explain). A photography educator can be saying all the right things, delivering all the necessary information you may need to master a specific technique, but you may not jive with their style. Don't give up if you find a few tutorials that leave you confused or frustrated. Chances are high there is someone else on YouTube who is explaining it in a way you can connect with, but you just haven't found them yet.

To that end, here are two mini tutorials covering a few things I do when lighting glamour in studio and outdoors. Both are from 2015 and were created for beginner-to-immediate experience photographers. Maybe they'll help you out, or maybe they'll leave you confused and annoyed, but here they are nonetheless.

And as for the shameless plug you knew was coming, my channel is now reborn as the Nino Batista Weekly Retouching Tutorials, where I go through a full retouch, top to bottom, of whatever image from whatever project I am working on every week. It's kind of a way that you can shadow me week to week to see me retouch my shots in painful detail.

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Quite possibly so!!

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Thanks Nino!

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You are most welcome my friend