Laced Up: A Boudoir Photographer's Guide to Lingerie Shopping for Your Sessions

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Take a look at any boudoir image and a trained eye will see the lighting, posing, and of course the wardrobe. Attention to detail in how each look flatters your client will go a long way. This guide will list where to shop whether on a budget or having the ability to stock your studio with high-end lingerie.

A list of lingerie stores and boutiques is right here at your fingertips to help either stock your own studio, or create it to send to your new clients prior to their session for shopping purposes. Some clients prefer to bring their own, however having a closet on hand will help those sessions where you needed a little extra.

As soon as someone books in my studio they receive a list of places that are everywhere from budget friendly to high-end luxury, and everywhere in between. The majority of items in my own studio reflect the style that I shoot. At one point I tried to stock it with various sized heels but always found myself asking the client to remove the shoes for a more natural look. So now it is more about robes, bedsheets for those implied looks, or flowly skirts to add to a topless image.

Tamara Paskey of Paskey Boudoir has a passion for lingerie in her images. Some of her favorite brands are Honey Birdette, Agent Provocateur, Love Haus, Bordelle, Kiss Kill, Gossard, Dita von Teese, Flur de Mal, and Playful Promises. Paskey's closet consists of over 400 pieces sizes XS up to 4X that has taken over three years to complete. She provides lingerie for all of her clients including robes, jewelry, accessories, shoes of all sizes, etc.

All they are to required to bring are their own underwear for sanitary reasons. Most boudoir photographers such as myself ask for clients to bring thongs of nude, black, and white to hide under the garments in the studio. There are also some photographers that offer disposable underwear at the studio for this same reason.

These images below are a few examples how the product looks on actual clients rather than an eBay find you hope will be true to size and quality. These choices in brand, style, and form are chosen by the some of the top boudoir photographers in the industry.

Luxury Lingerie Choices

You may have clients who want the full experience regardless of pricetag for their boudoir session. The choices for high end lingerie shops are generally in the hundreds. The look below for Honey Birdette is around 250 while the looks for Agent Provocatuer run in the six to seven hundreds. Agent Provocatuer even has romantic inspired sets that range in the $1,500 as well.

Honey Birdette:

Image Courtesy of Paskey Boudoir

Agent Provocateur:

Image Courtesy of Paskey Boudoir
Image Courtesy of Shawn Black

Clients may even go for a nude bodyscape if paired with the red signature pumps of Louboutin ranging from six to seven hundred dollars. This type of shot will help with wall art sales from client who prefer to have the artistic anonymous side rather than show faces.

Image Courtesy of Paskey Boudoir

Budget-Friendly Brands

While many clients may love online shopping for other brands, or even if they are in distance from these boutiques, many still prefer the tradition of department stores such as Victoria's Secret and Macy's for an in-person shopping experience. The range of wardrobe prices usually start around $40 and go up from there. Jennifer Smith and Beth Claire show how these stores finds can create bold and beautiful final images for their clients.

Victoria's Secret:

Image Courtesy of Jennifer Smith
Image Courtesy of Jennifer Smith
Image Courtesy of Jennifer Smith

Vintage Sears:

Image Courtesy of Beth Claire


Image Courtesy of Jennifer Smith

JCPenney Cosmo Line:

Image Courtesy of Beth Claire


Image Courtesy of Beth Claire

Cover image courtesy of Paskey Boudoir.

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John McGuigan's picture


I've started to build a small collection of lingerie in various sizes (Honey Birdette sales are good).

In terms of hygiene, do you use any one off inserts in the underwear?


Jennifer Tallerico's picture

I personally have them bring their own thongs to wear under any garments for this reason. But I also do wash them as well (I am just extra precautions)

John McGuigan's picture


I'd considered that option as well, was just concerned about that extra strap of their thong slipping out unnoticed.

And yes, washing is a must.

Evan Richardson's picture

I just give the lingerie to the model after the shoot. And yes, I'm a year late to this convo.