Andy Baker On How to Get Your Work Seen By Clients

Behind The Glass recently spoke with Andy Baker, SVP/Group Creative Director at the National Geographic Channels, and he dispensed some incredibly valuable information on how to make sure clients see the work you are putting out. Andy is in charge of hiring many freelancers for National Geographics creative projects so this is the best inside scoop you can get.

The video is brief but to the point. Andy Baker makes sure to tell us that there are FAR more freelancers than there are clients, and in such a competitive market it is imperative to understand these three points:

Be Relevant

As Andy Baker points out you can be an amazing wedding photographer but you won't necessarily be hired for an ad campaign. Though your work may be brilliant, you are not relevant. Clients need to see that you fit within their brand image and have a portfolio full of images that could already be along the lines of what they are after.

Understand Your Clients

Having a portfolio full of beautiful images is a good start, but clients want to know that you understand their position in the market place. How will your images stack up against their competitors? How will they be received from a marketing stand point?

Create Personal Work

Don't wait for opportunities to come knocking on your door. We would all love to have a portfolio full of dream gigs that we can shop around effortlessly, but to get there, you first have to show clients you can execute. Never stop building your portfolio with fresh ideas and concepts to showcase your abilities.

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