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Behind-the-Scenes Video for the Amazing Squatty Potty Commercial

If you've been on Facebook or hopping around YouTube's popular videos lately, chances are you've seen the video advert for the "Squatty Potty," a step stool used to make, well, going poop much easier on your body. Sound like a tricky concept to sell? See how a team of creatives turned an ad about a dookie-easing product into an Internet sensation.

I have to give it up to the founders of the product, who despite their initial concerns with not understanding the vision, went forward with the concept of a unicorn that craps rainbow-colored ice cream. I think the first time I saw the ad I was genuinely confused, thinking it was some kind of spoof or humorous content posted by CollegeHumor or something. I watched on though, and the humor and ridiculousness held my attention to the very end, where I discovered that it was in fact a real product. Well done by the writers and producers, indeed.

It's kind of a testament to what a high production value and a large team can do for a commercial video project, even for one that is a product that came from a small, family business.

For those who haven't seen the video, join the other 5 plus million who have.

There's another behind-the-scenes video coming soon all about the creation and operation of the unicorn, so keep your eyes open for that soon.

[via laughingsquid]

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Jason Ranalli's picture

I saw this and it was genius. I couldn't figure out how they got the unicorn to poop so accurately with the video. Had no idea they used what looks like a human squeezed pastry bag.

Lee Morris's picture

I can't believe this product is doing so well. I remember seeing it on Shark tank and thinking "this is so stupid" and then they started to share their sales numbers. Unbelievable.

Very interesting marketing idea though. They took something that older people were buying and made it viral and hilarious. I bet they are selling more than ever.

Nathan Koski's picture

Love it! My good friend was the Director of Photography on this! Nice to see it making the rounds.