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BTS of Getty Photographer Larry Busacca Making the Most of a Small Tent Studio

Larry Busacca of Getty Images was given a very limited time and cramped space to create some of the most memorable images from the Sundance Film Festival. The video showcases Busacca in action, blowing through group shots, pairings, and solos without missing a beat. With some of the most well known faces in Hollywood no less.

That might be due to the fact Larry has been at the Festival in Park City, Utah for the last 14 years; The previous 5 years shooting portraits for Getty. The man is surgical in the way he clips though each shot, shuffling A-listers through his makeshift studio like an artistic assembly line. Still, with all the time and space against him, he captures images that are unique and fun. Not an easy task when the final image count is over 2,500.

Here are some of my favorite images from the weekend. Check out the full gallery over on Getty’s website.

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David Justice's picture

Really enjoy the images you posted, not so much the ones from the video.

Kyle Ford's picture

Thanks mate, I guess I fancied the ones that were the least standard portraits.

David Justice's picture

Some of them were just so over-processed. I wasn't a fan of the ones that were too overdone.

David Lara's picture

It's all about the interaction with the subject. He had the lights setup and didn't fuss with it afterwards. Often times this is our challenge as photographers, we miss the mark interacting with the subject. It's shows in the final images. Great BTS and images.

Gino Carlini's picture

I quite honestly think the photos are boring. Every image with the same background... yawn! Plus...Getty takes 60% of their photographers money. I would rather never be published again then work for that company.

Eric Shift's picture

Sometimes it really isn't about the money though, being attached to entities like these can really open doors and build connections (which is priceless) that will take ages if you're trying to do it on your own.