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GoPro’s Behind the Stunts of 'Furious 7'

GoPro has just released a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the insane stunts were pulled off in the upcoming film "Furious 7." You will see the caravan of support vehicles that was utilized for chase scenes as well as how they sent cars careening from cliffs complete with explosions.

The latest installment of the action packed, often over-the-top Fast and Furious franchise has a surprising 86 percent rating from 37 critics on Rotten Tomatoes, stating that “Fast 7 keeps the franchise moving in more ways than one.” The video showcases some of the insane feats the crew achieved in an attempt to top themselves once again. Unsurprisingly there are major chases and explosions in a city setting, contrasted with vehicles rolling down a steep mountainside through the evergreens as well. They also somehow actually dropped the cars from a C130 for the film.

The film, sadly, marks the final appearance of Paul Walker after his untimely death. The tragedy resulted in a delay in film production for a major script rewrite, while his brothers were used as a stand-ins. While we have to wait a few more days to see how they will adjust the script for Walker's character, it was reported that he will be retired rather than killed off.

[via Sploid]

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Bulent Bildik's picture

Good. I hope they plant back those trees they destroyed

Kyle Ford's picture

I'm sure the agency who granted the permit required that.... I hope.

Deleted Account's picture

This is more exciting than watching actual movie. In the movies everything looks like CGI anyway.

Pat Black's picture

Awesome article!