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How One Director Turned a Film Into an Insane Choose Your Own Adventure

You know, I always thought that Chatroulette was a place you went to speak to random strangers in foreign lands and sometimes see the unwanted privates of strangers in distant lands. Well, one director from Realm Pictures has used the platform in a revolutionary way to create one of the craziest choose your own adventure zombie and space adventure films, in which the viewers give our hero orders that will hopefully save his life and those of his shipmates. Read below to see parts one and two as well as the full behind the scenes content!

The production behind this project is amazing, especially in part two, featured below. You really have to think how big a facility and how much production design must go into something like this on a very low budget. They have to have a character go through essentially a single-take film with numerous outcomes over and over and over again. They also have to write the script in such a way that they won't overlap the same areas and they can progress the story forward. It's pretty amazing what they've done here and I hope more filmmakers try to do epic choose your own adventures like this. Each part truly feels like an interactive videogame.

Here is the behind the scenes of part one:

Check out part two as well:

There is a part three! You can help donate and make it happen. Watch the video below and hit up their Kickstarter page. I definitely plan on donating myself. Level three will be hosted on their site, rather than Chatroulette.

With Level 3, we won't just step up the production value, but also hugely increase the levels of interactivity. All of our backers will be given an account at, which gives you access to behind the scenes and voting rights in pre-production, and the opportunity to join the community in controlling the interactive live prologue to Level 3. Furthermore, rather than finding players on Chatroulette, our 50 final players for Level 3 will be randomly selected from our backers! 

We're crowdfunding here on Kickstarter, and on our own website to raise the funds to create Level 3. Whichever way you choose to support us, the money will go to the same place and you will receive access to the same content and privileges.

If you don't want to pledgem then just sit back and wait - you'll still be able to watch the Level 3 video on YouTube just like you've watched Levels 1 and 2.

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