How This Six Second Monster Energy Drink Commercial Was Made

This fantastic looking Monster energy drink commercial was made in a fairly easy to replicate way. Here is a behind the scenes look at what went into creating the shot.

When it comes to product photography and videography, doing a lot with a little is the hallmark of someone with experience. While many shoots — particularly for big brands — can be elaborate and expensive, many aren't. With smaller products like drinks or jewellery, you have far more control over the scene and what the viewer sees. That means you can build miniature sets which create a believable but attractive visual.

For example, I often use high-end tiles of marble or granite as my platform for product photography or videography. It is, in essence, just one large and expensive tile, but it gives the impression that you are in a room filled with that sort of opulence. The same can be done with props to give an impression of something quite different, like Daniel Shiffer's sea of coffee beans in the above video. It's a beautifully lit scene, but my favorite outtake from the creation has to be the Venus Optics Laowa Probe lens shot that travels through the beans.

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Lee Christiansen's picture

Quality stuff - and done so simply... Elegant you could say. :)

microteck's picture

This demonstrates how small business can rise to the occation. Excellent.

Emmanuel Vivier's picture

Love the passion, and the result despite the simple equipment!

Fristen Lasten's picture

Nice. Would love to see a budget breakdown and what the ads brought in.