New York Based Headshot Photographer Captures Eye-Opening Portraits of Strangers on the Street

Armed with just a single portable V-Flat, and a Profoto strobe, see how New York based headshot photographer, Laibel Schwartz creates a photo studio in the streets of Manhattan, and captures magical headshots of strangers. 

When you hold a camera in your hands as a portrait photographer, you have the power to change the way someone sees and feels about themselves. There is a tremendous power in that, and it has always been humbling to watch. Schwartz is a master at it. He shows us that you really can make magic anywhere.

In Adorma's brand new series, Street Studio, they team up with the city's most sought after photographers, and bring strangers together through the power of photography. In this first episode, Laibel, and the V-Flat team, race around the streets of New York City, and capture the essence of what makes New York City so special. The people. Every person is unique and beautiful in their own way, we just have to recognize that and bring it out in them.

After watching this video, it made me think back to why I picked up a camera in the first place. To empower people to be their most confident selves. No matter where you are in the world, your camera can be used to build a connection with someone that you've never met before. What's your favorite portrait you've taken of a stranger? 

If you were inspired by this video, and want to stay up to date on the Street Studio series, tune in every week to Adoramas YouTube Channel.

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Mike Ditz's picture

Cool commercial from Adorama, Profoto, and V Flat. Dude at least slap the sponsored tag on it...

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Armed with just a single portable V-Flat, and a Profoto strobe, and a small bunch of assistants...

Yin Ze's picture

add coke, nike and sunbounce while you're at it...

g coll's picture

Nice video, enjoyed it!

Emmanuel Vivier's picture

Cool vibe and good demo while keeping it short nice!

Yaneck Wasiek's picture

why do they bother with masks under their chins?

Alexander Petrenko's picture

It helps hydrating their chin skin and avoid wrinkles.

Rappaport Arts's picture

These photos of pedestrians are truly "pedestrian". ;) Do you think the copywriter merely had a sense of humor or do you think she/he was being sarcastic when she/he decided to use "eye-opening" and "magical" to describe these photos.

Lee Christiansen's picture

So this muppet (and his team) think they should wear masks, but just never over their mouths and noses - even when they're clearly approaching people in the street and engaging at close proximity.

Could someone inform these idiots that "wearing a mask" actually means wearing it properly.

Gives the profession a bad name when we have people in it, acting irresponsibly.