Night Photography: Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary

Scott Martin and Lance Keimig are not just your ordinary landscape photographers, they use light painting to make artistic landscape photographs. By leaving the shutter open and using a flash light they are able to get some really unique shots. They talk about everything that goes into making these photographs and how these shots are one of a kind. It also appears they are using gels on the flashlights to get some different colors throughout the shot. Scott and Martin also run workshops in Texas to teach their process. If you live in west Texas and interested in learning this technique, attend one of their workshops.

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Benedict Wilkins's picture

Great video and so true. Capturing an object or a scene at night with long exposures enables something that is real, yet something we can not see with our own eyes to be displayed. Im just getting into photography and this is defiantly an area I want to explore more. Here is my latest shot from a couple of weeks ago.

Marco Rabadan's picture

Scott is an amazing photographer. He also happens to be in the office right accross the hall from me. I get to stare at his beautiful work everyday.