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Night Time Location Shoot Quito, Ecuador

This past year Mark Wallace packed up his studio in Arizona and hit the road, traveling the world with his camera. Mark is currently visiting Ecuador, and while there he has been doing some nighttime shots of the city. 

In this Adorama video Mark walks us through all the steps, from scouting his location with gps to editing the final image, to capture this amazing nighttime shot of Quito, Ecuador. 

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Emilia Venegas's picture

I created an account just to comment on this post, I'm from Ecuador and I'm so proud of it, I'm happy to see one of the most beautiful cities of my country portrayed in this site. Now about the photography, I like drama so I would have chosen one of the shots with more light in it, I found really useful how to look for a location, great tips. Yay for Ecuador!

Jason Ranalli's picture

I really enjoy watching Mark's videos. He's got a ton of great videos offering some really good free instruction plastered all over YouTube...definitely worth watching IMO.

Daniel Sanchez's picture

My beautiful homeland Ecuador!

Israel Suárez's picture

Great photo, wellcome to Ecuador Mark! would be nice if you could give some clases or workshops here!

RUSS T.'s picture