[FStoppers Original] BTS Video With Surreal Portrait Photographer Rob Woodcox

I’ve always been amazed by artists who have the ability to take a vision of something that doesn’t actually exist, and then produce a surreal image of it in fine detail. One such artist is photographer Rob Woodcox, and this past winter I got the chance to capture some behind the scenes footage of a shoot he was working on, and also interview him about the project and his production processes. In the video, you’ll see the final image, and hear Rob provide some insight on the post-processing of his photos. Hit the jump for some more samples of his work!

The final image for "Calling Outer Space", complete with a description of the shot, can be viewed here.

From the first five minutes at Rob's photo shoot, I could see why Rob liked shooting with kids so much– it's because he is still very much one. Now don't get me wrong, he takes his work seriously, but his demeanor and the attitude with which he carries himself on set and off set, was always polite with a pinch of silly. While trying to manage his assistants who were holding light sources and fog machines, Rob had to continually interact with the kids in order to keep them focused and happy. Not to mention that it was about 30 degrees out, and the sun was quickly setting, Rob always had a smile on his face.

A few days later I followed up with Rob to do his video interview. In speaking with him, one of the things that stood out to me about his process, but ended up on the cutting room floor, was the fact that he keeps a dream journal and fills it with all of his fantastical ideas. It's easy to these see dream-like concepts in a lot of his work. There is definitely a lot going on in photoshop, as anyone can clearly see, so I told Rob that I might need to do another video in the future where he shares specific methods on how he pieces these together.

If you want to connect with Rob, check out his facebook and flickr pages. Leave a comment below if you dug this BTS video, I might do some more interviews in the future for FS so feel free to let me know what you'd like to see.

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Jakob Skogheim's picture

Nice work Mike!

James Fallas's picture

Awesome job!!

Golgo Thirteen's picture

I like this guy, I like his work. If he keeps this attitude and skill, he will do well in the photography industry FULL TIME. I wish him all the best.

★✰★sin(theta) = a★✰★'s picture


Dave Dugdale's picture

Good one! Was this video done completely by Mike?

Mike Wilkinson's picture

Glad you like it, thanks for watching. I produced, wrote, shot, and cut this. Jakob Skogheim ran a second camera and assisted on the photoshoot broll. Rob was also helpful in working with me to coordinate location stuff and just being awesome in general :-)

Dave Dugdale's picture

Really like the opening shot, I'm going to have steal that one from you. :)

gr8 job mike! you get a positive comment from msquared, hold on to that ...


Share your knowledge and don't keep secrets.

Rob Woodcox's picture

 Haha thanks Servando, add my page on facebook and you'll find I share secrets ever so often on there.  Of course I save that for my most devoted fans :) I appreciate your interest!

Sibin Arsenijević's picture

I think "secret" part is really stupid, since it is not him who invented levitation photography (or the technique is something special) and you can also find how to do it on google in matter of seconds so i think it is just pompous thing to call levitation photo his magic -.- learn to share with people the technique and be different with your style because there are always people that have done it before.

Btw, some of ideas are great :)

Kênia Lima's picture

he is absolutelly brilliant!

Susan Cavaliere's picture

You told the story well. I loved it. Great job and thanks for sharing. Please keep sharing and inspiring me. 

Vanessa Paxton's picture

Awesome work. I really enjoyed that. It's nice to see a competent photographer that knows how to work with lights and talk to the talent. You seem really calm and collected. Were the kids from an agency or were they friends of yours? They must've been psyched to be apart of something like this. 

Rob Woodcox's picture

 Vanessa- they are actually kids of a friend of mine :) It was so awesome to work with them though because you'd think they are from an agency!  Their mom is a photographer too so I think they're just used to it :P

oscar campos's picture

fantastic work! thanks for featuring it here in fstoppers

Anthony_UK's picture

Great inspiration!!!!
Nice photos!!!!
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