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'Photographing The World 3' Behind The Scenes Episode 4

"Photographing The World 3" behind the scenes continues today with Episode 4. In this episode, we visit the most beautiful, and also most disastrous location of the trip, Pietrapertosa Italy. 

Pietrapertosa is a commune in the province of Potenza in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata. During the summer, this place is supposed to be amazing. It's said to have amazing restaurants, incredible hiking, horseback riding, and the longest zip lines in the world connecting the different villages. Sadly, we visited Pietrapertosa in the winter and almost everything was closed. The streets were almost completely empty during the day and it was common to see more cats walking around than people. There was literally one open restaurant, which thankfully was actually pretty good, and two extremely small grocery stores. Nothing else was open and there wasn't anything to do except edit our previously shot footage, and wait for the weather to clear. Episodes 4, 5, and 6 all take place in this location as we battle with horrible weather, broken heating, broken water heaters, and eventually, our water is turned off completely. It ends up taking five days to capture just one image and lesson for this tutorial.

In this BTS episode, we didn't even attempt to take a picture so I don't have a fancy "before and after" show to add to this post (hint: you can see the final image on the sales page). Waiting for the weather to subside in this town was probably the worst part of this entire project but we did have a couple of hours of clear weather where we got to see the entire area and I have to admit, it's probably the most beautiful place I've ever seen. I look forward to visiting it again during the busy (and dry) season. 

To learn more about "Photographing The World 3" you can check out the sales page here, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to view next weeks episode early before it's posted on Fstoppers.

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Going to get McDonalds at 2am now. Probably going to get a double quarter pounder anddddd some chicken nuggets. The new chicken tenders are bomb if you haven't had any yet. I accidentally ate a 10pc and it hurt my stomach.

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I don't mind a McDonalds burger (or pancakes) but their nuggets do freak me out. Their beef is pretty normal but don't watch how they make their nuggets.

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Ya man fast food nuggets are pretty sketch.

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If Lee Morris opened a Pizza Hut franchise in Italy, he would be a billionaire.