See Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Magazine Cover Shoot With Chris Nicholls

Canadian Photographer Chris Nicholls (Not to be confused with Chris Niccolls of DPReview) shoots for magazines like Marie Claire, FASHION, and in this video, Dress To Kill. Thankfully he had a behind the scenes crew with him to capture just how difficult it can be to shoot in the Californian desert, even with a full team. 

A lot of BTS videos you see online are one-man shows, maybe with a make-up artist, so it is refreshing to see a video with a full team, including stylist and art director. Seeing how a full team works together as a unit to get a full fashion story together is always a fascinating watch, especially with a Lost in La Mancha-esque weather situation. Nothing like a giant rain storm in the middle of a desert shoot! 

In the end, the photos they got were gorgeous, using the gusts of wind to their advantage and it just goes to show that with lots of pre-planning, and the willingness to throw that out the window to improvise, you can take whatever comes your way to create some gorgeous shots. 

I'm really excited to see where Chris's YouTube channel goes in the future if he keeps pumping out quality content like this! It's great to see a working photographer start up a channel because it's tough, and when you're trying to juggle everything else on a shoot, it's not really on your mind. 

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David Moore's picture

"Canadian Photographer Chris Nicholls (Not to be confused with Chris Niccolls of DPReview)"
it's funny cuz I follow both on instagram and sometimes I see one's post and go"well that's different for them OH WAIT it's the other one"

Adventure Photo's picture

Great video! But all I kept thinking about though is how annoying it would be to shoot in that environment tethered. Like having to do your job with a ball and chain attached. Maybe someday we’ll have wireless tethering but until then I refuse to shoot like that. Great results and nice artistic collaboration between everyone there.

David J. Fulde's picture

There are wireless tethering setups (Camranger), but you have to ralize that Tethtools cables are LOOOONG so as long as the digital tech is keeping aware of mevement, the photographer shouldn't even notice.

Samuel-J Tassia's picture

How pretencious does one need to be to wear cheap neon plastic glasses? Voguea fashion for an 8 year old.