3 Tips on How to Best Reach Your Target Audience as a Photographer

Being able to reach people easily with your marketing message is one of the most important aspects of marketing any type of business. In this article, I will share with you 3 tips to reach your followers and customers.

The Number One Way To Reach Your Followers And Customers...

The number one way is still by email, and so many photographers over look this crucial aspect of marketing. I believe it is important to be active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but your main goal with these social media platforms should be to drive people to your personal website, and then on to your email list.

Email marketing is paramount to growing and building a sustainable and profitable business. With one click of a button you can reach your followers or customers and send them to a special offer. Over time, email marketing has proven to be a more effective way to reach people compared to social media.

Sure it looks impressive if you have 50,000 Facebook followers, but it's useless if you can"t reach any of them. The real key is traffic diversification, meaning having your own website where you can build your email list and then employing different traffic methods to build your customer base or following. 

I Also Suggest You Use Multiple Modalities To Attract Your Customers And Followers. 

There are three types of learning styles visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. The highest percentage of the population are visual learners, roughly 65% followed by auditory learners at 30%

Here is tip number two in order to reach a wider audience, I suggest written articles on your blog. For example here is an article headline you could use that would attract the attention of a potential client. "Four Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring a Wedding Photographer."

Tip number three, using audio via a Podcast on iTunes. iTunes gives you access to over 800 million users who often listen to Podcasts on their daily commute. That is millions of captive listeners that you can reach with minimal effort.

Often Referred To As A Lead Magnet Or Opt-in Bribe

Once you start attracting traffic, you will need to provide a reason for them to subscribe to your newsletter. Simply saying, "sign up to my email list for updates," is not a very effective email list building strategy. You have to provide something of value in exchange for their email address.

One example could be a Photoshop Tutorial if you are trying to attract a following of Photographers and another example would be a short free report that ties in with the article headline I mentioned earlier. Here is how you could structure it... 

Download my free report that reveals... "The Four Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring a Wedding Photographer." I also suggest you split test various offers and headlines to optimize your list building efforts.

In closing, don’t make the mistake of countless other photographers by building your business on someone else's platform. Recent changes to Facebook has been an eye opener for many photographers, and I am sure it won’t be long before Instagram follows suit. Take control of your marketing by building your email list today.

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Great Article.

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Great article no doubt. Simple tips, but crucial.

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indeed these are great tips. Target employees should follow them https://targetehrlogin.us/