Five Tips For Photographers on How To Avoid Burnout

People both outside of and inside the industry tend to romanticize the idea of being a professional photographer. But with pressure from technology and increased competition leading to low pay and more demand from clients, burnout is something that many of us either have or will experience in the future.

In this video from B&H, portrait photographer Dane Isaac discusses five strategies he employs in order to avoid burnout. The reasons for photographer burnout are, of course, not confined to just the workplace. Personal issues almost certainly play a part in many instances and it's wise to take note of that. Finding that balance is key to leading a happy and productive life. Working ourselves to the bone for fear of not succeeding or worrying about judgment from others are unhealthy mindsets that will inevitably lead to extremes of stress and fatigue. 

I appreciate Isaac's mindful approach to learning to say "no" to prospective clients — he acknowledges that being able to say no is a privilege that not all of us have. I was in that situation when I started my career but, luckily, now I'm in a position where I regularly turn down certain jobs. It's not that I couldn't do with the extra income, it's just that I know that my time would be better spent working on something personal that could benefit my career in the future. 

Did any of Isaac's points resonate with you? Would you add any to the list? 

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