How to Get a Free Verified Blue Tick for All Your Email Accounts

For photographers, the "Blue Tick" next to your name is an important signal to clients and customers that you are of some merit. Here's how you can get verified for free on all your email accounts.

The blue tick that shows someone's account is verified is coveted by many of us mere mortals. Those badges of honor do serve some practical purposes if you are communicating with people you want to give a good impression. While getting verified on the likes of Twitter and Instagram is rather difficult, having a blue badge next to all the emails you send out is much easier to get and something you can actually do yourself. The good news for us is that technologist Joseph Thio is back once again to walk us through exactly how we can get one for ourselves.

The video starts with Thio talking about email certificates, as these are key to the verification process. Thankfully for us, there is a handy site that gives these certificates out for free after you fill out a simple form. Next, we are shown in detail the steps involved for installing these certificates on many of the popular email clients like Outlook Express and Apple Mail. Thio is always really meticulous in his explanations which is what I like about his videos. If you follow along to the letter, you shouldn't have any issues in getting all your emails verified.

While some of you may think having a verified tick next to your email address is somewhat of a gimmick, it could actually be the difference between an email you send out to a prospective client or customer being opened or not. I know such a thing would pique my interest in the sea of emails that I receive daily. I could also see a blue tick really helping when it comes to reaching out to people responsible for locations you want to shoot at or models you want to work with. While we'd all prefer the collection of pixels that form these blue ticks were irrelevant, it really could make a difference to you as a photographer. 

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J.d. Davis's picture

Put this in a truck and take it right on down to the landfill - This is truly Air Brakes an a cow!

Tony Clark's picture

Is this like adding an “Influencer” badge to social media?

J.d. Davis's picture

Even worse! Remember the 'Certificate of Authenticity' on Kinkade paintings and how that was such a fraud!

Jan Holler's picture

Jeeeeez! GIVE US A BREAK!!!!!

S/Mime or PGP is a several decades old technique but now these influencer-idi*ots found out about it!

Sorry, Paul, normally I like your suggetions, but this one if for the bin.