Pye Jirsa's New Podcast Has Nothing To Do With Photography

Pye Jirsa, world-famous wedding photographer and owner of, has created a new podcast, and I'm thrilled it has nothing to do with photography. 

A year ago, Pye told me he was writing a book. I assumed that since Pye has built one of the most successful wedding photography businesses in the world that it would have something to do with weddings or photography, but I was wrong. Pye was writing a book on relationships — romantic and business relationships. It sounded strange, but I was intrigued. 

To complement the book, Pye decided to also start a podcast. He asked me to be one of the first guests. He said we could talk about anything we wanted, but he really didn't care to talk about photography. Being that every single interview I've given in the last decade has been photography-related, this was a relief. 

Pye's book should launch in the next few months, but until then, you might enjoy checking out his new show "The Think Stupid-Simple Podcast." This show doesn't necessarily have a topic. Instead, Pye interviews interesting people doing interesting things. Hear inspirational stories about failures and successes from a range of different guests. 

In episode one, Pye interviews Goli Kalkhoran, a former attorney with a focus on death row defense, who quit her career to become an entrepreneur. 

I'm the guest in episode two, and our conversation is all over the place. We talk about Kayne West, Trump, COVID, Jiu-Jitsu, failure, new business ideas, and my strange relationship with Patrick. 

For the next month, Pye will be releasing a new episode Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Subscribe to it on any of the platforms below. 


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Michael Steinbach's picture

World famous? Never heard his name until you said it. Huh.

Jan Holler's picture

For some the world ends at the border around their own country. Who wants to hear anything any longer about people like Trump or Kayne (sic!) in the rest of the world?

Pye Jirsa's picture

Haha, Lee is being kind. A few people know who I am and what I do. I'm just grateful to be able to do what I love and have authentic convos with so many incredible people.

Dan Grayum's picture

It's awesome when people show that they are not just one dimensional, it's like the Coronavirus Journals on FSTOPPERS, those became one of my favorite things to watch. Pye seems like an interesting guy, so this podcast is probably worth a listen.

Pye Jirsa's picture

I agree! I think the world wants to fit us all into boxes. Coronavirus Journal was one of my favorites as well. Looking forward to being able to talk about any and everything on the new platform.

Pye Jirsa's picture

Thank you for the kind write up my friend. Was a blast having you on, can't wait for more!