Self-Perception and Creativity

When we are children, we have an innate desire to seek validation from our parents or our teachers. Probably because we think that they know best, that they are bastions of knowledge — and in that context, they essentially are. But what is the purpose of seeking validation from others when we are adults?  

External validation is something that most photographers and videographers seek out at some stage in their careers, especially when starting out. Hell, I think it's fair to say that most people seek out validation from others; it is, after all, part of our nature to want to belong to a group, to be accepted by them. But when one truly realizes that the ultimate freedom from judgment is the ability to accept who you are for yourself, then there is no more need or desire for external validation.

In this short but honest discussion about self-perception as it pertains to the creative individual, the team at The Futur sit down to flesh out how the way you perceive yourself can have a dramatic effect on your life and business. The laid-back chat broaches topics like the profound TED Talks of Brené Brown, relating to Vulcan culture, and an insightful quote from one of the coolest people to have ever lived: Miles Davis. My favorite part is what Chris Do has to say about not letting people's perception of you affect how you perceive yourself, be it negative or positive.

Have any of our readers freed themselves from the desire for external validation?  

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Let’s see now. Quest for self acceptance? In my own experience I see some truth in this clip. However, don’t rule out motivation to get a project approved. The root for me was the “fear of man/women”, self centered another root. My roots were deeply embedded in my soul. Somewhere in my life, this defect of my character lessened. A personal written inventory of myself has revealed much. I am aware I am “good” photographer. Now Ken, define “good”. What this means to me, I like my work and accept the level of skill sets. I am inspired by men and women who skill sets are matured past my “level”. I cheer the on. But I know I have a place in the art form, and I cherish this. I strive for excellence, but do not compare in the inside of me to the outside of you. It is fruitless in my experience. I am slow to “get it” but then, snap, I got what I call my shot of the day! I am satisfied. Now on the next “shot of the day.