Capture One 12: A Re-Designed User Interface, New Tools, and More

Capture One is a professional raw image converter which offers you beautiful rich colors and precise detail for getting the maximum out of your camera's raw files. In its latest release, Capture One 12 reveals a newly re-designed user interface with ease of use and speeding up your workflow at its core.

Capture One 12 is now more customizable with new iconography that does a better job of conveying to you the tools and their functionality. You will also find a re-designed shortcut manager with more than 500 assignable and customizable commands.

The menu system has been revamped according to its logical function making it easier for you to navigate the user interface, allowing you to work quicker, smarter, and you may even notice that it feels noticeably smoother thanks to the latest performance enhancements under the hood.

One new tool worth getting excited about is the new Luminosity masking feature which allows you to easily create a mask to control the Luma Range of your raw file. You can quickly create a mask of the brightest or darkest pixels in an image and make subtle changes way faster than you ever could before.

There is also a new Linear gradient mask and a radial gradient mask which is useful for creating quick subtle realistic looking vignettes in your images. The masks can be rotated and adjusted after creation for maximum control.

One thing to be aware of though, if you are new to Capture One 12 you may find the interface a little intimidating at first, that is until you realize how easy it is to customize the software to suit your personal workflow. 

You can check out the new interface in the video below.

With support for over 500 cameras and lenses, Capture One 12 may be just the thing you are looking for to unleash your creativity. If you have never used it before or are thinking of upgrading to the latest version, you can download a free 30-day trial of Capture One 12 and test it out for yourself.

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Stephen Hutchinson's picture

First impressions... too little for too much. Seriously... $200 to upgrade from version 11? I'll pass.

Pawel Witkowski's picture

Well if you're on subscription plan then this sounds cool :D

Stephen Hutchinson's picture

True that makes sense. :)

Johnny Rico's picture

I usually upgrade the older of my 2 keys. I thought C1 11 was $150 upgrade, and C1 10 was $170. But yeah This may be the first time I hold off. 50% price increase with so little annoys me. When it was $100 to upgrade it was almost a token response.

Boris Sheikman's picture

I thought it was $150 to upgrade from version 11. Still, thats’s pretty high. I remember people complaining when it was $90.

Stephen Hutchinson's picture

Actually, at least for me, the upgrade for Capture One (without any styles etc) has now jumped to $205 rather than the $200 in my initial comment above..

Tamas Nemeth's picture
Johnny Rico's picture

yeah that's $155ish USD

Richard Kralicek's picture

Well, it's 179€ for upgrading from version 10, tax included. It depends on what you want. Luminosity masks where beyond reach, now they are within, I get all the stuff I skipped with version 11, more cameras supported, hopefully CR3 support (if not now, then within time).

Lenzy Ruffin's picture

If you scroll past all the upgrades that bundle Styles packs, the no-bundle Capture One upgrade is $150.

If not for the Fuji film simulations, I wouldn't see anything that would convince me to upgrade. If the simulations work well, that's certainly worth $150 to me.

Indy Thomas's picture

With the state of the highest end photo apps at a level that improvements are likely to be incremental, the price of upgrades will seem more expensive. The plain fact that the costs of supporting the infrastructure of developers, support, distribution and so on needs to be paid for somehow.

John King's picture

It's a great tool and costs you much less than you bring home after a day of shooting. So why would commercial photographer complain?

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Hurray! Radial masks!

Now, please just make proper crop/rotate tool and we are done :)

Jared Wolfe's picture

Finally a radial gradient tool. Luminosity masking sounds interesting as well. The best RAW editing software keeps getting better :) Thank you C1.

Zac Henderson's picture

Just a quick PSA: If anyone purchased CO11 on or after October 30, 2018 your key should automatically upgrade to 12.

Matt E-D's picture

I’m in this group. My key still shows as version 11, however it works to activate v12. I imagine when it comes time to upgrade to v13 I’ll have to pay more to get there...

Yin Ze's picture

$134 for update with coupon code. I think I paid $89. Will it be a $300 upgrade in 2 years? Not biting.

Rui Bandeira's picture

Just downloaded the demo.
The texts in the menus, and the menus are way too big.
Im working on a 4K monitor (Windows) and it looks like the interface is not compatible :-(
Also i would love to be able to have the menus that i need open without the auto close, i would prefer to have a scroll bar.
But the size of the menus is really annoying:

Also on CaptureOne 11 if i had one image selected and if i it "S" to send it to the selects folder the navigator would go to the next image, on CaptureOne 12 it doesnt select any image, having to go and select the next image can seem small but when working with tones of images it can be very tie consuming.


Indy Thomas's picture

The large text is for all the old guys who buy C1. ;)

Motti Bembaron's picture

First, just to be clear, I am not fond of Adobe and I find LR to become almost unusable at times. I am seriously looking for a replacement but I cannot see myself going for this app. Price to value just doe snot add up.

I read quite a few articles (and video) on LR alternatives and they all have pluses and minuses. Most importantly, they all seem to have speed issues. At the moment I now pay around $150 CDN every year for LR and PS. At $250 yearly sub, ON1 is way more expensive and PS is still necessary. Cost of buying is $412, that is equivalent to over 3 years of Adobe subscription. Of course we want the upgrades every year.

Some people suggest to buy the ON1 and don't upgrade and you won't have to pay the extra. However, that is silly, we always want to have the most tools we can have and with Adobe this is the case.

Upgrades are over $200 CDN every year that would be another $600 CDN on top of the initial buying ($412 CDN). So it's $1,000 CDN for three years of ON1 or or $450 CDN for three years LR and PS.

Way too expensive.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Price shouldn’t be your issue. It is better editor than LR overall. But for some uses (like mass editing of events photos) it’s not the best option as work with many files and adjustments is not that robust in C1.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Ah, and that is important information. My shoot mainly school and family portraits so I do work with many files. Good to know.

For me cost is always important. I had similar thinking in the early days and cost just mounted. Now that I can do my job with much less than I needed before, I am not in a hurry to click that 'buy' button.


Tamas Nemeth's picture

I think you've misunderstood the 'many files' thing. CO can handle few tens of thousands of images in a catalog or session. The breakdown comes around 50k (based on how you organize stuff, how powerful is your system).

Motti Bembaron's picture

Did I? Alexander said " with many files and adjustments is not that robust in C1." Maybe he meant lots of layers of editing, not sure but regardless, I go from photo to photo, culling and editing thousands of student photos.

In any case, I will soon give it a try and see how it works with my editing methods.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

By mass editing of event photos I mean ~100 photos per hour of an event which need to be color corrected and cropped.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Yes, and that's what I thought. It does not have to be events either. When shooting families with kids I can shoot 600 photos in three hours. Fast moving kids need lots of photos.

I just shot editorial portrait session and in a five hour session I shot 1,300 photos. It's a lot but when a model moves quickly and wants me to record as many movements as possible and we do four or five different outfits the results are hundreds of images.

As much as LR can be such a pain in the neck, it still does well if I restart it every hour or so. So from what I understand, C1 would not be a good choice?

Mark Astle's picture

I completely disagree. LR is dreadful for batch editing, Capture One is made for it. Non-destructive editing of hundreds of RAW files at at time is seamless and easy. And quick!

Alexander Petrenko's picture

LR is dreadful for batch editing, and Capture One is NOT made for it. Crop tool and settings copying are showstoppers.

Leon Daniels's picture

what did they do with the copy adjustments and paste adjustment?? It is only mentioned in the upper menu and it doesn't work most of the times. Also keyboard shortcuts doesn't work for copy and paste

Update! You have to update all pics to capture one 12, before that works

John King's picture

Playing with it all evening and honestly quite impressed. The UI is visibly better, the colors are better, and the RNI film styles migrated smoothly from the v11 this time. Best Capture One ever.

Tom Fuldner's picture

Totally agree. They nailed it with this release. Capture One 12 is professional software done right.

Spy Black's picture

Why can't CO and LR just have standard masking tools? How 'bout a simple editable square mask? Or the ability to invert any mask? I find masking in both these apps utterly crude compared to what I can do in ANY image editor. Even the open source RAW processing app Darktable has editable spline tools. Sheesh!

Christopher Nolan's picture

This is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS, ..... UNREAL!!!! How dare this company charge ME for a product that I use to make money, ..... so OUT OF CONTROL!!!!
I mean WTF, this cost me $156.90, ...... now I am going to have find an extra $3.03 a week, ..... oh well, I guess I will just charge an extra $10/shoot for a digitech, ..... oh, wait, WOW, there I go, making more money from my purchase, ... #BOOM!

Paid for, downloaded, installed, ..... like the updated look, and quickly tested out the Luminosity masking feature, those 2 features alone are worth the extra $12/month, ... money well spent!

PS: Remember when Photoshop use to cost $1599.00

Johnny Rico's picture

I'm just excited to see what features they add to C1 Pro 13 in 8 months for $200

Michael Devaney's picture


Upgrading to 12 has made my catalogs unusable, support is horrible with 24-48 hour responses that don't help. I was recommended to downgrade back to 11 but all my catalogs are corrupt and only able to be opened by c1-12.

I'm using 32gb Ram 4ghz, iMac 5k late 2014 w/ MacOS Mojave 10.14 and Capture One 12

My issues:

Multi Image Export does not work
Opening Images in Photoshop gets altered white balance info (created by capture one)
Processing does not work