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David Griffin On How Photography Connects Us

Below is a fantastic TED Talk given by David Griffin, the photo director of National Geographic. David gives us a unique look at how Nation Geographic's images come to be and he also explains the power of photography in general. As David says, even the most average amateur photographers will take a few amazing pictures in their lives.
3 Tips to Consider Before You Hit The Surf

Depending on where you are from, what you photograph will vary. For some, it’s beautiful towering mountain tops and crystal clear streams. For others, it’s glimmering cityscapes and the urban flow of a city. No matter what you love to shoot, we each have our own unique take on our favorite subjects. While the New England Surf scene isn’t quite the same as Hawaii or California, I owe my roots in photography to it. For me, the Atlantic served as a introduction to the joys of photography. While this may not be relevant if you are land locked, you never know where you may end up in your travels.
Fstoppers Rapid-Fire Q&A Session With Fine Art Photographer Vinny Picardi

Vinny Picardi is a successful fine art and advertising photographer based in Los Angeles, CA, who has exhibited work all over the country and around the world. I recently came across Vinny's work and I have to say that I'm a pretty big fan, so I thought it would be interesting to share not only just a photo series with our readers, but also to take some time to ask a few questions to get inside the head of a successful fine art photographer.

The Nothern Lights - Photography And Video By Alexis Coram

Technicolour Alaska is an incredible time-lapse film of the Northern Lights by Alexis Coram. Not only did this once in a lifetime trip produce an amazing time-lapse video, the photos themselves are are incredible. Coram was born and raised in England and now resides in Northern California. She considers herself a consumer of life and adventure.

Moving Images Of Yosemite National Park

We have posted our fair share of the newly popular moving time-lapse videos but this one is different. Henry Jun Wah Lee created a beautiful video of some amazing landscapes in Yosemite but unlike the others we have posted, much of this video is played back in real time. If you are a fan of landscape photography, this will be right up your alley.
New iPhone App Lets You Pre-Organize Your Photos

Keeping your photographs organized by means of keywording is not a new idea but a new app is changing the idea of keyword organization. Polymo lets you add your keywords before you shoot, and adds all of the photos into its own "smart album."

Tips for Photographing a Meteor Shower

The annual Lyrid Meteor Shower is nearly upon us, peaking on the evening of April 21-22. While it’s not the best of the annual meteor showers, it is a good opportunity to try your hand at the challenge of capturing an image of a meteor. And even better, you may already have all of the equipment on hand: tripod, DSLR or mirrorless camera, and wide angle lens.

"Polaris" Explores Landscapes of the Far North

Alaskan photographer Acacia Johnson documents natural landscapes, shooting in locations like Iceland and Norway to capture the vivid beauty of these often brutally cold lands. Johnson’s “Polaris” series, shot in Alaska and Iceland, captures the “magic that I perceive in an environment that is otherwise in constant flux.”

Mac Stone Discusses His Conservation Photography at the Everglades

When people think of visiting the Everglades, wading around neck deep, alligator infested waters isn't exactly what most folks have in mind. For Florida-born photographer Mac Stone, this is what he calls his office. Stone has been steadily developing his work in conservation, particularly of wetlands. He recently gave a compelling speech at a TedTalks event, discussing not only his evocative work but importance of the wild areas he works in.

Could This Be The Longest Slider Video Ever?

We've featured Patryk Kizny a few times here on Fstoppers and his content is always mind blowing. Recently he decided to test a new portable and modular slide rail for the DitoGear PortaSlider. This time lapse video uses 14 one-meter long track units connected to make one single long track. Everything was shot on a few Canon DSLR Cameras and mainly wide angle Samyang 14mm and 8mm lenses. The location, Ogrodzieniec Castle, is one of the largest ruined castles in Poland and Eastern Europe and a pretty remarkable place to film. Check out more about the PortaSlider at

DitoGear PortaSlider Prototype Testing (timelapse) from Patryk Kizny on Vimeo.

The Huck Finn Fashion Shoot

Kent Marcus was inspired by the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain and wanted to do a fashion shoot with a little Swamp flair. Half way through the shoot he looses his main strobe in a water accident but continues flashing with his backup 580EXII. Check out the BTSV below and head over to his website to see the final images because they look much better there than in the video.
Relax to John Eklund's "Art of Timelapse"

Stressed at work or need a break? Seriously, put your feet up and enjoy. There's nothing that will relax you quite like some gorgeous scenes of nature put to some dulcet piano notes. John Eklund took this series of time lapses at multiple locations throughout the pacific northwest shooting around 260,000 images.