Fine Art

Re-Committment to Forging One's Own Path: Suzanne Heintz' "The Vows"

Photographer Suzanne Heintz has spent the past fourteen years “playing house” with two mannequins-her fictitious husband “Chauncey” and their daughter "Mary Margaret". Her fantastically elaborate “Life Once Removed” series, featured previously on Fstoppers, stemmed from a frustration with the stigma she faced as a single adult woman. A continuation of Heintz’ series, “The Vows” was recently released, and features Heintz and Chauncey renewing their vows in a satirical-but very real- ceremony.

Contest Entry: Amber Williams Shoots Infrared

This is going to be a busy week for FS. The contest submissions are starting to pour in because the deadline is only 6 days away. We are going to try to bring you at least one professional BTSV and at one contest submission every day. For her contest submission, Amber Williams teaches us about infrared photography (something I knew nothing about). Amber did a fantastic job of keeping the video interesting and informational. I'm just excited that there are some some cute female Fstoppers out there. Show Amber some love in the comment box below. /center>
America's Finest Art Has One Month Left at the Whitney

The Whitney Biennial only happens every two years, yet it is perhaps the most prominent and fundamental celebration of American contemporary art in the world. Featuring works from over 100 American artists, this rarer-than-a-lunar-eclipse event is a must-see if you're in NYC -- and it ends May 25th. Don't think fine art can help your photography? Think again...

Beautiful B&W's Created With 16 Stops of ND Filters

When I first started to get into photography i came across Joel Tjintjelaar's work. It was because of him I bought a 10 stop ND filter. Joel creates these masterpieces by using B+W ND110 & ND106 filters, and in most of his new work he is stacking the two filters to achieve 16 stops. By doing this most of his exposures are 5 to 10 minutes long. Joel uses a Canon 7D, a variety of lenses, and Lightroom 3.0, PS CS5, Silver Efex Pro 2 for post process.

Monument Valley Timelapse With Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is an amazing British DP, Director, and Film Maker who also works hard to bring us some neat gadget to use out in the field when filming DSLR video. When I saw this timelapse video of Monument Valley out in Utah, I knew this BTS video/audio would appeal to our landscape photographers who are often stuck watching fashion and commercial videos. So in an effort to change it up a bit, go ahead and load both the audio and video tracks (hit play and then pause) and start with the audio track. Philip also outlines a lot of the gear used in this timelapse over at his blog so check that out too. Enjoy Monument Valley commentary by PhilipBloom

Monument Valley from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Domestic Cacaphony: A Frank Lee Film

Frank Lee blends mundane domestic visuals against the backdrop of equally repetitive sounds to create not mere actuality, but reality.

John Chiara's Camera Is The Size Of A Truck

Check out John Chiara's home made camera; it's so big he had to build it inside of a trailer! If you thought it was tough getting out and shooting, you now have no excuse after you watch the amount of effort put into making these images. /center>